If Gmail is not your primary email account, please provide your other email in order to contact you. Three Minute Thesis competitions were first created by Professor Alan Lawson at the University of Queensland, Australia in , to celebrate exciting and innovative graduate student research while promoting communication, public speaking, and story-telling skills. The 3MT has benefited and helped me in a lot of ways. It grew using summer moisture from the local stream [6]. When did their family shepherding story begin?

But how do I take these clues to understand how ancient sheep were shepherded? The grass grew in soils that are geologically specific to where you are eating [5]. Did you ever consider where the product came from? This has helped me at conferences I was actually accepted to speak at a conference in August because of my 3MT , grant proposals Killam Award , community-based events Research in a Suitcase , and networking with colleagues or future collaborators. We also find cheese- and wool-processing tools [4].

These uaberta come from Greek sheep or goats like those pictured below. The video must to be made in one shot and be continuous — no edits, cuts or breaks. You can see sample winning presentations from around the world here.

3 minute thesis ualberta

If Gmail is not your primary email account, please provide your ualbertz email in order to contact you. But after an incredible amount of intelligence and creativity was displayed in 17 three-minute chunks, the judges landed on the top three winners. Judging Who are the judges?


Did the speaker use sufficient eye contact and vocal range, maintain a steady pace, and a confident stance? Your body essentially stores clues about your past meals.

In order to explain this I want you to picture yourself as a fluffy Greek sheep. Together this support promises to contribute to developing the confidence and skillset of participants.

Daniel Weeks at the start of the competition, which was held at the Wood Innovation and Design Centre.

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An international panel of judges will review the submissions and make recommendations for inclusion in the Fall conference November Presentations that are over the time limit will be automatically disqualified. Creating and presenting your thesis in three minutes is a challenge, but it’s also a very beneficial exercise to ualverta you reframe your research question, see how your research fits into the larger picture and hone your communication skills.

Watch Nada Alshumaimeri’s 3MT presentation. Did the presentation make the audience want to know more?

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As the winner of the Western Regional Competition, Ramzy will now move onto to the national competition on June 3. I guess, I finally was able to have an appropriate elevator pitch that was digestible, easy munute understand, and compelling. Your presentations on your research were outstanding!


Did the speaker avoid jargon, explain terminology, and provide adequate background information to illustrate points? Finally, first place went to the University of B.

How does creating and presenting a Three Minute Thesis help graduate students?

The 3MT helped me in a number of ways. References for this article can be found at: Skip to content Food For Thought: Did minure presenter capture and maintain their audience’s attention? Students and staff ask the government to send back UofA budget. One of the nice responses that I didn’t expect was people talking to me about ualbreta relatives having blinding diseases.

City of Prince George looking to local businesses for input on labour force analysis May 22, 4: When did their family shepherding story begin?

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Did the presentation help the audience understand the research and research methods? Imagine this same Greek village 2, years ago. This has implications for family shepherding history, village history, Greek history, and even global economies that use similar shepherding practices like dairy farmers in Alberta and Ontario.

Because of a single tooth, I have connected ancient practices with modern shepherding.

3 minute thesis ualberta

Why Compete at 3MT? Archaeology cannot find evidence showing how animals were managed.