Some of the work could be experimental e. It is hard to believe that the Botswana roads will ever recover from the driving madness present today. Candidates vary their style with assurance to suit audience and context in all three assignments. The dramatic monologue works well in that it allows for some reading between the lines, but it does not allow the candidate to use a very wide range of language and it is not always very effective. Errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar are minor, and rare at the top of this band. Candidates express clearly what is felt and imagined and supply some detail, explanation and exemplification for the benefit of the reader. Accreditation portfolios Portfolio 2, Candidate B Assignment Task 2 Write about a memorable visit to a memorable place.

If you have doubts about the authenticity of an assignment, it should not be submitted, even if this means an incomplete folder must be submitted. It is not recommended to set literary criticism since the attempt to write in an appropriate style and the interruption to the argument of quotations is rarely successful as an English exercise. They suit a wide range of teaching methods and different educational contexts and include: The work is fluent with varied sentence shapes. Order and present facts, ideas and opinions W5: Work that is significantly over or under the length that is suggested tends to be self-penalising. There is then the behaviour that propels drivers to just speed faster than their brains can work.

Planning coursework in your school They feel superior to the smaller, low priced and old cars that still dare to step on their new ad urban turf. There may, for example, be a lifted paragraph which sits oddly with the writing before and after it.

Therefore we are looking at Mark Band 1. Teachers are expected to re-assess the exemplar work in line with the guidance provided by Cambridge and re-submit their application.

cambridge 0522 coursework mark scheme

The classroom gradually descended into silence, and the teacher sat down at his desk. It is therefore wise to write descriptions that take place over a very brief amount of time or which involve an amount of movement such as svheme a market, visiting a stall and leaving the place behind.


Why did this handsome boy have to come and sit nest to me? That was a good opportunity to get to know a different culture and to make some new friends.

Coursework Training Handbook , and Cambridge IGCSE

Gives opportunities to create images and to use a wide range of language, some of it complex; It is an exercise in creating atmosphere. In particular, having argued for parental control, the candidate returned to the point at some length near the end. Candidates use simple, mainly accurate vocabulary.

Still I made sure I took the time to take in the beautiful scenery as our climb took its course. The lack of error and the consistency of the delivery of the argument are what suggest a high mark, on the border of Mark Bands 1 and 2.

The same goes for Francistown. Analytical essays on texts, either literary or non-literary, can deflect attention from the assessment criteria for Writing on to Reading. It would take away the serenity and beauty of our town and would be a disturbance, a nuisance to the desired tranquillity of our homes.

cambridge 0522 coursework mark scheme

If accreditation is not awarded, this does not mean that a teacher cannot continue to teach the course, but it restricts their sheme to moderate Coursework. The sense of audience will at its best be very evident and will add to the reading experience. Assessment — writing In places, the writing was clear and the sentence structures ambitious ccoursework to suggest Band 3. That you just my happened to get two tickets to a football match or X-men movie, see if he takes the bait.

cambridge 0522 coursework mark scheme

Where the assessment of the accreditation submission meets the required standards, accreditation will be given and a Coursework Accreditation Certificate issued. Even if it means going through a few obstacles before I am fully satisfied with the final result. A mark of 36 would be appropriate.

Coursework Training Handbook 0500, 0522 and 0524 Cambridge IGCSE

If you read through the descriptions for Mark Band 3, you will probably agree that this piece of writing meets all of them although the range of sentence structures is a little narrow in some parts of the writing and exceeds the comment about competent writing.


Try and indicate that you want to change lanes and the guy in the other lane suddenly swerves his vehicle onto your lane. My story is about how Paris changed my life. One of these was how I felt that there was an over exaggeration of some views on the causes of this madness, and how it may become offensive to most Batswana people and especially to those who drive.

Mark Band 5 Most of the language is simple and straightforward, and it is true that the amount of error is considerable. Meetings held to decide a policy for task setting should help to encourage teachers and to save time and effort later on in the course. Lying in her bed she remembers how she used to be when she was young: They inform good practice for the cohort in the following session. Attempts to write complex sentences may involve repetition of conjunctions and some blurring.

Skills required for personal writing Selective, since real life events include details that are not relevant to the point of the story their inclusion can be mundane and slow up the action Adding interest by describing, as if writing fiction Presenting, not just narrating Interweaving genuine thoughts and emotions. The beginning is effective in its use of sentences of increasing length to attract attention.

Far from sticking your middle finger in retaliation, they should propel you to be a more considerate driver, which must surely be a better management of energy.

I see it that the residential neighborhoods have the best controlled and maintained car craziness, making it the most suitable and safest places to drive around in the city.