A comparative study between theoretical and practical approaches. A Theoretical as well as Practical View. A Case Study of Beijing. Assessment for learning as a driver for critical thinking, democracy and positive classroom relationships. The case of Infynita Inc. Al-Ajmi, Wafa Islamic Banking:

Amin, Nikisha To what extent is social media marketing localised in an increasingly globalised world? Challenges Facing Nonprofit Organisations. Chia, Magdalene Wild Island?: A comparision of UK and Taiwanese Consumers. Gravino, Nicola An exploration of job satisfaction amongst Maltese teachers.

The Case of Pakistani Professionals Abroad.

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Gong, Mengfeng Mass customization: Asiri, Wejdan Practising Peer Observation: A Demographic based Investigation. The case of Christianity. Bajaj, Sakshi Exploring the Macro and Micro contextual factors influencing the entrepreneurial journey of women in high growth male dominated sectors in India. Kainer, Leonard Industry 4. Jain, Arhant Has Liberalization influenced wages, employment, and productivity and output of firms in India and specifically the automobile industry?

Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies.

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Analysis into its Evolution, Benefits and Pitfalls. Kansara, Rima The importance of reputation online reviews and word of mouth within Indian restaurants in the UK. An Analysis of Our Current Understanding. Evidence from wadah UK.


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Fast Food Preference in Urban India. An Empirical Study in Klang Valley. Dinh, Trung Duc Gold price: Farooq, Sharjeel What are the criteria for selecting people to whom the services of microfinance should be provided in order to maximize the impact on poverty alleviation?

Bestel, Segolene Curing the Sickie: Bai, Jiangna The fair premium test for life insurance. stud

Govinasamy, Mahadhevan Mergers and acquisitions announcement and stock price reaction: An insight into the legal sector and the stuudy and gas industry in Singapore. The Role of Nature at Music Festivals. Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa.

case study wardah apparel sdn bhd

A Cognitive and Emotional Perspective of Learning. Abdeen, Zaheer Expansion into Foreign Markets: An Empirical Analysis of Indonesian Banking.

Hudson, Alexandra The reality of career and teacher development as an EAP practitioner – an outsider’s view looking in. The Case of Regus UK.

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Amin, Nikisha To what extent is social media marketing localised in an increasingly globalised world? Bradford, Jordan Guidelines on Interaction: Amourgis, Spyridon A study of the performance of petrol stations and their network effects using multiple regression and Data Envelopment Analysis. The changing of the guard at the top of the golden arches food chain.


Chua, Hui Gee Terrorism and Tourism: Case of MSC Companies. Hodgson, Ian What are the mental models of managers of the resource-to-performance relationship? Bunchuan, Dahang Islamic Banking and Finance: