This has required me to have a good knowledge ofbusiness development. Tidak ada jurus jitu. The goals that I wrote are 1 get the high grades and be the best student in the class every semester, 2 get a scholarship for financial support, 3 be the leader of the school organizations, and 4 win the regional and national competition. There will always something new we can learn from them. Besides, my young brother and young sister were still at school so they still needed financial support. I am a good candidate to participate in the Community College Initiative program because of several reasons.

Ini aplikasi beasiswa ke luar negeri pertama saya. Menulis essay merupakan tantangan tersendiri bagi saya. Please describe your long-term goals that you want to accomplish in the first few months upon returning home after the CCIP. I also promised my family that I would study hard, finish my college within four years, find any scholarship that provides financial aid, and try to find a part-time job without disturbing my study. I really need to do this volunteering work because it can be priceless life lessons for me to experience selfless service which brings fulfillment to my life. After graduated, I had worked as a Consultant for Small and Medium Enterprises in a government department in Purwakarta, the 2nd smallest regency of West Java. I wrote these goals in a paper and put it on the wall of my room.

In that situation, I convinced them about the importance of collaboration and the significance of the open-mindedness regardless of our religions, races, culture, and skin-colors. Now I need the opportunity to share everything about essah country with the people because without this privilege, I will not be able to tell the world about my country. Participating in this program will also open another best opportunity to further my study to Master degree level.

Essaay you participate in this program how do you think your life will be different in 5 years? Dalam menulis essay, saya banyak Googling mengenai tips – tips menulis essay yang baik khususnya untuk cotoh beasiswa. Tidak terkecuali dengan penulisan dan jawaban di essay. Please describe in detail your specific concentration areas of interest within your field of study.


My siblings worked for the cost of living. Besides, I have always dreamed of studying abroad to advance and update my training in marketing and my communication skill in English.

Mengupas Tuntas Essay Beasiswa Part 2: Penjelasan dan Contoh Essay CCIP 2018

It will be invaluable for me to have a good opportunity to learn other points of view. I am eager to learn more about Business Management and Administration specifically a,inef Marketing at a community college in the United States.

He is currently studying on the first year at Agriculture faculty, Riau University. The people, the cultures, foods and everything. It will be amazing learning experiences for me to listening lecturer in English, to ask questions when I have thought and to participate actively in essa. My journey for knowledge searching will never cease.

contoh essay ccip aminef

Naaaah jika sudah mengetahui kategori diatas, mulailah dari sekarang perbanyaklah referensi membaca mengenai ke-6 hal tersebut dan cari pengalaman yang dapat mendukung pada setiap kategori tersebut. Second, I will participate in many useful activities that interest me so I can manage my feeling of homesickness. Tentunya jawaban – jawaban saya ini masih cfip dari sempurna, masih bisa dikembangkan dan dijabarkan. Since I have a very limited knowledge about business, having experience through this CCI Program will help me to be easay real entrepreneur and expert in business.

It means that the people are not easy to give up achieving their dreams even though they have failed many times. Could I got your contact, such as email or wa? I hope I will be able to enhance and increase my ability in marketing through CCI program for gaining bright future esay my career path and be able to contribute more to the society.


contoh essay ccip aminef

You are commenting using your Google account. I got an honor mention and a medallion together with other students.

I will become a global player in this field and hopefully will be a leader at least in my community. Kalau ga, lampirkan yang bahasa Indonesia saja.

I am a good candidate to participate in the Community Essaay Initiative program because of several reasons. Boleh minta kontak emailnya supaya bisa dapet advise lebih banyak pengalaman tentang proses application CCIP. Please, call me Defir!

Asumsi dan Realitas Peran Pustakawan dalam Menerapkan Pelayanan yang Humanis

Posting ini merupakan lanjutan dari posting sebelumnya mengenai cara penulisan essay beasiswa, namun sekarang pembahasannya akan sedikit lebih teknis. Menurut defir essay ini merupakan essay yang paling vital atau sangat penting dalam penilaian kita layak atau tidak menjadi penerima beasiswa.

contoh essay ccip aminef

Presently, I work for a telecommunication company. Furthermore, I will persuade my roommate as a requirement of changing my study shift with asking him to study together and choose a place where we are comfortable to learn together like our study room, library, or park.

essay ccip | Meet Saskia!

Email saya ilhambarab gmail. Kebetulan saya jg berasal dr sumbar n kerja di pekanbaru. In this case, I helped them with coaching style; I gave time listening to their problems and offering advice for participating in xcip with the former member of the division who has competency in operating website and with a lecturer who is expert in journalism.

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