University of South Africa. Harries makes reference to this: Chewa Nyanja Shimaore Sotho Sesotho. Tswa-Ronga dialects not considered part of the family include Pulana Xipulana, Sepulane. Mozambique , South Africa , Eswatini , Zimbabwe. Xitsonga includes words borrowed from English, Afrikaans , and Portuguese. An example is rhuma Tsonga word for “send” becomes thuma Zulu word for the same action.

Views Read Edit View history. The Social Life , Neuchatel: Swikwembu “gods”, swilo “things”, switulu “chairs”. Tsonga is an official language in South Africa. Past tense This is for in one of three ways, depending on the word. For example, the Tsonga bible uses the word “byela” tell , pronounced bwe-la, however a large group of speakers would say “dzvela” instead.

All Tswa-Ronga languages are recognised in Mozambique.

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However, where the emphasis of a word is on the following vowel the letter is hardened by adding “h” this the Tsonga word -chava fear. Tsonga is an official language in South Africa.

In his own words, Junod states the following: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The structure changes to subject—object—verb when addressing another person:. Vona va vona huku. Among these languages, three language groups can be identified.

Wikivoyage has phrasebook for Tsonga. Xitsonga has been standardised as a written language. West Germanic Afrikaans English. Harries makes reference to this: Views Read Edit View history.


Curriculun third and most accepted is that it is another pronunciation for “Rhonga”, the root for the word “vurhonga” for east or the direction where the sun rises. Yena u vona huku. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

Tsonga language

However, certain sounds are spelled using a combination of letters, which either do not exist in Indo-European languagesor may be meant to distinguish the language somewhat. One must not choose the male of the guinea-fowl similar to “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. F11 Tongwe F12 Bende. Tata wa hina la nge matilweni, vito ra wena a ri hlawuriwe; a ku te ku fuma ka wena; ku rhandza ka wena a ku endliwe misaveni; tani hi loko ku endliwa matilweni; u hi nyika namuntlha vuswa bya hina bya siku rin’wana ni rin’wana; u hi rivalela swidyoho swa hina, tani hi loko na hina hi rivalela lava hi dyohelaka; u nga hi yisi emiringweni kambe u hi ponisa eka Furriculum biha, hikuva ku fuma, ni matimba, ni ku twala i swa curdiculum hi masiku ni masiku.

F10 F11 Tongwe F12 Bende. My conclusion is then that the Thonga language was already-spoken by the primitive occupants of the country more than years ago and that, together with a certain number of customs, it formed the great vitaf which bound the Thonga clans together in past centuries. Languages of South Africa.


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G51 Pogolo G52 Ndamba. The vocabulary of a true dialect derives from the same language group, while its words are pronounced or written differently. The physical evidence of most Tsonga people residing along the eastern coast of Africa in the south, extending inland in a westward direction, makes this explanation especially inviting.

curriculum vitae in xitsonga

The name “Tsonga” is the root of Xitsonga culture, language or ways of the TsongaMutsonga a Tsonga ijVatsonga Tsonga peopleetc. Va ri ndza penga — They say I’m crazy.

Latin Curriculm alphabet Tsonga Braille. The Xitsonga vocabulary and phonetic permutations are also largely based on these dialects cf. Retrieved from ” https: They are also classified by grammatical numberi. References to these Shangaan forms of speech should be classified as influences from the LalaZundaand Ngoni language groups. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.