All of them encouraging to learn by motivation. A survey of the research. Both are considered important for regional development and, consequently, we consider that both areas merit to continuous, and even to be improved, in the region under study. Students reported their emotions before and after an innovative practice a DNA extraction using common household items oriented towards Science, Technology, and Society and following the method of learning through guided research. Prior to his academic career, he worked in managing several service companies. Furthermore, the comparison of the results with the academic course previous to the implementation of all these new technologies of learning is shown in this paper.

Furthermore, the comparison of the results with the academic course previous to the implementation of all these new technologies of learning is shown in this paper. Theoretical bases of the research are laid in the theory of information society and culture, the concept of e-education and smart education, theory of academic revolution. But self learning cannot be done without self-motivation and dedication of the students. RIEJS, 2 2 , pp. A Creative and Technological Proposal L.

According to Allen et al.

Vee diagram consists of several components, namely focus question, theories and principles, concepts list, events and objects, notes, data and data transformations, knowledge claims and experimental claims.

However, after the intervention the enjoyment was the emotion with more weight inside the positive emotions and the hopelessness with more weight in the negatives Table I.

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Baldassarri 2 1 E. Gamification consists of applying the basic elements of a game to a non-gaming setting in order to solve upn and motivate students, making the learning process a more enjoyable experience [1, 2].

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All papers will be reviewed by experts in their corresponding field and will be included in the proceedings of the conference.


The means of the difficulty index and discrimination index of the questions were calculated. MOOCs had exploded into the academic consciousness in summerwhen a free artificial-intelligence course offered by Stanford University in California attractedstudents from around the world — 23, of whom finished it.

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Results — The results obtained in question 7 seven Table I. To answer this question, we chose the campaign of Joan of Arc to analyse the historical accuracy of the videogame comparing the adventures shown in the videogame with the life of Joan of Arc. Today, there are already many Spanish and foreign universities, which votae defined a certain structure based on a Social Responsibility RS strategy.

American International Journal of Contemporary Research, 2 3, p. The system developed was tested during the lessons in gymnasium and rural school.

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In view of this, it must reorient all processes in which it has participation, teaching, research, management, external projection, all of them under ypm criteria [14].

Zubova 1 Ural Federal University named after B. Universities can either charge the prospective employer meeting their exact requirements or a small amount of fees can be charged from the large number of students can solve the problem.

Later, the students enrolled in the seminar presented a scientific article in front of an audience maximum time: The median number of tutorials was 7 for each student. Some authors have dealt with the problem vitar what do normaluzado students know about the Middle Ages [1] and a lot of theoretical articles have appeared about the subject [] but only a few have suggested practical ways of using videogames embedded in Medieval Currjculum teaching []. It is the high noon of options to optimize scientific strategies under political umbrellas to deal within next decade.

Colleges and universities are also under tremendous financial pressure, especially in the United States, where rocketing tuition fees and ever- expanding student debt have resulted in a backlash from politicians, parents and students demanding to know what their money is going towards. Students can develop their curiosity as well as their creativity with Veegram.


Perceptions cutriculum Nursery Students. Conclusions – The development and implementation of a specific informatic application for the tutoring of university students are convenient and pertinent. Frontera 5D.

In order to get students acquainted with the business side of any innovation project, they must also undertake research on how to get finance and where to present their mormalizado in order to attract potential investors e.

A wide majority of them agreed that the experienced helped them to improve their understanding of the module, while a small proportion of it did not consider that this learning approach helps to improve their understanding of the module.

The economy encounters with the great deficit of qualified engineers, technicians and workers.

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Sin fines de lucro. Introduction – The main objective of the Convergence Plan of Bologna is to normalize, harmonize and standardize the teaching of European Universities. After some years of experimentation, one can affirm that it is effective and can develop beyond the cognitive aspects.

Tapia 1E.

Dicho cuestionario fue suministrado en primero y cuarto curso a los mismos estudiantes. References [1] Camp, M. During the survey, it was found that most students lack the motivation to develop body and spirit. This graphic material is then uploaded to the SABAD platform, as attached to the sample file to be assessed by an expert.