Thread starter Ibiscus Start date May 3, Well, if your university has a style manual for dissertations in English, then you should follow that. Thesis and Dissertation are used interchangeably. Why not just “a PowerPoint presentation”? I’m not sure we have an analogous position other than “outside expert”. Hi dear all, what’s the English word for “Controrelatore” in the academic contest?

I have no idea, I’m just asking. Wordreference note here are the [URL] important references not all excluding those that only http:. Il romanzo della rosa nella traduzione spagnola di X. You could also post this question in English Only. Actually, even to graduate from high-school they now have to discuss a dissertation albeit a shorter one , typically one that encompasses as many subjects studied in school as possible.

If this is correct, wouldn’t it also be possible to say “X’s Spanish translation of The Romance of the Rose”? You must log in or register to reply here.

dissertation traduzione wordreference

The context is people in extermination camps and Trsduzione. Thread starter Silvietta22 Start date Mar 6, education. I found it on Google as well, but before I looked it up I had never heard it before! On the websites wonderment cites, my impression is that it’s being used with a touch of irony.

Tesi compilativa

C-S and N-Y Font: Thus, not exactly willing victims in this case I’m referring to the discussion above, obviously. St Johns Wood, London.


dissertation traduzione wordreference

Is she saying that because she would be working in an old subject, her thesis would have to summarise work done by others. I have no idea, I’m just asking. Do you know the exact translation? You could also post this question in English Only. Most committees are made up of five or more people, the advisor is one, and cannot be the chair, three members of the department, and often an outside expert who doesn’t know you or your work difficult sometimes.

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular wordreference processing programs supported by both Mac and PC Scientific Style traduzione Format: Thank you all very much! How could I translate “tesi compilativa”?

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I’ve known many hundreds of PhD students and was one myself. Here is a bit of context: I find it more elegant.

Hi dear all, what’s the English word for “Controrelatore” in the academic contest? Hello everybody, I need to translate the same thing: Why not just “a PowerPoint presentation”? I’m not sure we have an analogous position other than “outside expert”.

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Persuasive essay thesis statement abortion yahoo ap euro essay questions dissertation revolution books dissertation for traduzione review x files, apa citation machine essay essay writing for university admission letter. Viva voce is maybe a bit too BE-specific and not only that, I wonder how many Brits who haven’t been to university would know what it means, whereas to defend a thesis would be generally understood,I think.


For “tesi compilativa” italians mean wrtiting a thesis aggregating and summarizing many previous projects. The romance of the rose translated into Italian by X. Mauriac, Journal du wordreference de l’occupation, p. If the teacher “gives you the thesis”, it means that he will present it and give you assistance that’s why he usually gives you something to do that concerns his own job. This is only a my personal interpretation.

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Scusate l’off topic ma la cosa mi interessa, dal momento che anche io wordreferebce traducendo un sacco di cose legate all’argomento. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I think the correct term could be ” co-examine r”, but this academic person doesn’t exist either in UK either in USA.

Totally different is wwordreference “tesi di ricerca” project workwhich is written more generally during a scientific degree.