Views Read Edit View history. He prospered there but his only son, Shetiba, who was of poor intelligence, subsequently squandered what had been gained. The school is still operational in He was certain that British rule would prove useful in introducing social reforms. God, by Your Grace, you sent us the kindly British government. Reflection of the Name Mahatma Phule.

The turning point in his life was in , when he attended the wedding of a Brahmin friend. There are many followers of the work done by him, one among those is Hon. Eleanor Zelliot blames the closure on private European donations drying up due to the Mutiny of , withdrawal of government support, and Jyotirao resigning from the school management committee because of disagreement regarding the curriculum. Men of vice betray their wives by making it with many women and in the process of satisfying their lust for them, succumb to various kinds of venereal diseases which then spread rapidly elsewhere. A judge named Brown was present on this occasion.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Reflection of the Name Mahatma Phule. To mark this achievement, it was decided by the bahujans and satyashodhak leaders and workers to felicitate Jotirao Phule.

A woman selflessly looks after everyone.

Mahatma phule and women

He was convinced that both the women and the Sudras from the Hindu community should avail themselves of modern education. He, after educating his wife, opened the first school for girls in India in August Oh God, please tell us, what is our religion? How About Make It Original? His work extended to many fields including eradication of untouchability and the caste systemand women’s emancipation. CS1 Hindi-language sources hi CS1 maint: To him blind faith eradication formed part of a broad socioeconomic transformation.


essay on jyotirao phule

The practice of polygamy is evil. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Govindrao married Chimnabai and had two sons, of whom Jyotirao was the younger. He was the reformer who went to the cause of the problems and preached an ideology that would create a new and integrated social structure.

essay on jyotirao phule

He tore to pieces the misleading myths that were ruling over the minds of women, shudras and ati-shudras. He was the most practical man with profound philosophical background. Title of Mahatma — Workers Contribution.

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In his view, every religious book is a product of its time and the truths it contains have no permanent and universal validity. Satyashodhak Samaj campaigned for the spread of rational thinking and jyyotirao the need for priests.

Phule recast the prevailing Aryan invasion theory of history, proposing that the Aryan conquerors of India, whom the theory’s proponents considered to be racially superior, phuule in fact barbaric suppressors of the indigenous people. According to these leaders, Hindu religion prohibited women and Sudras from learning, when in reality; it is only the Vedas which are prohibited to the women and Sudras, and not education.

Chimnabai died before he was aged one.

essay on jyotirao phule

He is most known for his efforts to educate women and lower caste people. India had another social evil, which allowed no scope for social progress or development, and that was the caste system which determined the social standing at birth—the highest caste being the Brahmins and the lowest, the untouchables o the Mahars, Mangs, Chambhars, Dhers, etc. He had the courage to be inspired by modern thought. The turning point in his life was inwhen he attended the wedding of a Brahmin friend.


People from all religions and castes could become a part of this association which worked for the uplift of the oppressed classes. Phule established Satyashodhak Samaj with the ideals of human well-being, happiness, unity, equality, and easy religious principles and rituals. Mahatma Jyotirao Phule was one of the leading exponents of modem gentle, kind and caring human thought in India.

Before the British came the Mahars and Mangs were beheaded when they committed an offence against the people of higher castes. Mahatma phule and women.

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All established religious and priestly classes find this blind faith useful for their purposes and they try their best to defend it. It was also in that he read Thomas Paine ‘s book Rights of Man and developed a keen sense of social justice.

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