I read in the comment saying that you went for Taylor. There is an ice breaking session and we have to create a group name and group cheer. Once your application process is over, put it aside, and focus on what you have at hand. This is probably the best pose I have ok. It’s perfectly alright to be nervous, but never let that stop you from applying!

I really think this is getting to be long and boring. The freedom in managing your own life is very fulfilling and instills independence in the most effective way. Yeah, I’m quoting what Imran said to me I was so glad I got this scholarship, it was worth the skipping of the Morocco trip. I have heard that applicants have to write short timed essay at this stage I did not have to in , but heard that applicants had to. Doing research will also contribute to the nation Well, I told them that I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon and I press on my desire to contribute to my nation, but they basically will throw questions and provocations based on what you tell them. The final stage of assessment consists of two parts — the individual presentation and the interview.

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Unknown 5 April at The second stage begins on the following day in Sasana Kijang. I stuttered a lot, I think, but I knew I got my message across. Your co-curricular achievements will definitely help in neara you stand out from the myriad of applicants, all of whom have stellar grades. All our activities for the day were held at SK. You should not have an issue if you know your stuff.


Ah, it was bittersweet although we had only spent a few hours together. The registration period ngara from 5 — 7 pm and I had planned to reach by 5, but due to the KL traffic I only reached at around 6.

Bank Negara Kijang Scholarship Academy – Pink Masquerade

For Kijang Emas, only 9 people were shortlisted and alhamdulillah, I was one of them. Basically, we have to plan on how biasiswx improvise Encik Ali’s bookstore based on some of the problems listed. Some of the things they asked me were things like where I saw myself after 20 years, what I would like to remember about myself in 20 years, what my passions are and why, what I think is the most important social problem in Malaysia currently etc.

Thayananth Kumaresan March 28, 2: Follow by Arista on WordPress. Syakir Iskandar 18 March at Congratulations on making it to Kijang Academy!

So after we completed the swing and had to test it in front of the assessors, it held the weight of the lemon. Why do you want to be a Bank Negara scholar? Do you know any other scholarship that use the trial examination result as the requirement? It’s a known fact biasjswa many shortlisted candidates are student leaders from their previous high schools. Then, a group member cut slits to one ezsay the cards to demonstrate her idea and from there, the neurons in my brain were stimulated rapidly.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

I think what’s important is for you to try to learn about yourself, about what you value. This stage consists of several group-based assessments — interviews and tasks.


essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

I have heard that applicants have to write short timed essay at this stage I did not have to inbut heard that applicants had to. Then, I called my mum and sis to share the good news, my dad even gave me some tips on nailing the three-on-one interview.

Are there any advice you can share to me because I really negra not know much on what to expect since the format changed haha 2.

Jaz Haris March 20, I think it took about 1 hour for each person. Oh did I mention we already had 3 meals at SK?

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Silent Storm March 30, 1: It was really like a 5 star hotel, even the buffet was delicious. And eventually only 30 recipients for Kijang. After dinner, we were asked to go to the multi-purpose hall for our briefing. But, I wouldn’t say that you should give up searching for your passion, or even if you do find your passion, not to pursue it as your career.

OK, so we had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, which served really delicious food. Image Source Hello everyone!