Lack of Accountability Causes Backwardness: Monday, October 01, Tools acquired to control anarchy through time b. Wednesday, May 25, Public participation in policy-making.

Click here for more essays. States are governed well through integrated long term planning and policies which are implemented in several episodes. More than beneficiaries of this defunct law had to face reopening of their cases in Ensuring freedom of press. Accountability is lifeblood of democracies. These are not neutral, and take side. None of them is granted full independence, to bring the criminals to justice and inquire the cases of big guns.

ESSAYS BY CSPs | Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan

Public sector delivery improves g. This was an open violation of the principle of good governance. The civil servants, police and NAB are not fully autonomous in their decree to work. The accountable societies ensure peace, development, rule of law and respect for human rights eseay the power of accountability. Both political wssay and beaurocracy go hand in hand for bringing about cult of good governance through effective implementation of public policies.

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Essays by CSPs | Need for Good Governance in Pakistan

Democratic system in developing countries like Pakistan has occasionally been disrupted on the pretext of accountability. Contradiction between state organs and national institutions c.

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This accounts for a major factor behind the crisis of good governance in Pakistan which comes in shape of clash between the state institutions thus adversely affecting their performance.


Good government does not mean despotic government. However, the Cooperation Agreement paved the way for closer relations.

When a system of governance is not let to evolve and grow normally and political instability is created in the form of overthrowing a legitimate government, it becomes impossible for a state to ensure good governancee.

Syed Hammad Ahmad March 05, Originally Posted by Arain Having strict check on the inflation would increase the standard of living of the general masses at larger scale.

good governance essay jwt

Contemporary Governance in Pakistan 7. Let it be very clear from the outset that to believe that one can get through the CSS exam with only two, three or four months of preparation is absolutely a flawed idea. Therefore, political stability, rule of law, constitutional supremacy and public participation in policy making and implementation must be ensured.

Thirdly, the lack of long term and well-read state policies becomes another important cause in bringing crisis of good governance.

These two things annihilate the state’s governance structure as merit gets to be replaced by favor. Rule of law and prevention of institutional activism c.

Corruption, mother of all evils 4. Iskander Mirza replaced an elected government godo Martial Law, he not only abused politicians but also denounced the constitution as unworkable. The key animating idea is cross-domain synergy, where force is applied across two or more domains in a complementary manner PDF to achieve an operational advantage.

Good Governance esaay for poverty alleviation. Justice for everyone do not led anyone be unaccountable. Wednesday, May 25, Once after a tussle with the president under the watchful eye of the military inand again in a direct military coup by then army chief Pervez Musharraf in Suffice to say, accountability is a major part of how we conceive democracy, providing a good balance between executive power and citizen control.


Gpod one is there to hold them accountable and give them a shut up call.

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These abnormalities can be in the form of agents which deteriorates the levels of good governance. The supreme power of the state is exercised by some political machinery through which the will of the state is formulated, expressed and enforced and this is what we call the government. There glvernance always been a rift at some level in civil and military leadership of country.

And, in this regard dissemination of education through media campaigns can play a pivotal role. It would be a mere repetition if I say that hard work is the only key to success. Every other day a substantial number of innocent citizens, who are just silent spectators, are targeted by the law enforcement agencies.