In on November 30, the commemoration day of the controversial 18th century king Karl XII, the police were unable to stop a violent clash between neo-Nazis and anti-fascists in Stockholm. Nonetheless, the police have continued to struggle to make sure that no demonstrators are allowed to pose an immediate threat to dominant political and economic interests, which has also become evident in its selective application of more repressive tactics. Two activists suspend them- selves from the Aubonne bridge, with a rope stretching across the bridge, halting traffic. Several of you are not only colleagues but also good friends. From negotiated management to command and control: Realist and Pragmatist Viewpoints.

In May Danish police in Copenhagen opened fire on demonstrators and wounded at least 11 people. The starting point of this analysis was my observation of ac- counts of the origin of violence in activist narratives, in combination with the intense police concerns regarding the topic of provocation. Contact Imprint Privacy Policy Sitemap. The Art of Moral Protest: Stockholm was another matter. The Policing of Transnational Pro- test:

The out- come of these analyses formed the basis of paper 2.

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We found continuity with previous forms of protest but also changes that adapted both to new challenges and to new codes of hetibert among protestors. For example, although the collapse of communism diffused all across the state socialist world, it produced results ranging from full democratiza- tion in Central Europe and the Baltic states, to partial democratization in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, to renewed authoritarianism in Belarus and Central Asia, to the fragmentation of Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia Bunce, Jessop, Brenner, and Jones Jepsen identifies a contradictory tendency in the devel- opment of police approaches in the s and s.

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Since the use of overt force is a potential source of collateral trouble for the police, Waddington makes the point that the police are actually strongest or most powerful when relying on the second and the third dimensions of power in order to abstain from exercising the first dimension. If things became too violent, we withdrew, and then they could gather the same stones again and throw at our heads.



But sometime around the turn of the century, students of various collective phenomena, from economic liberalization, to democratization, to various forms of contentious politics, began to attend seriously to the diffusion pro- cesses they observed around them.

In terms of generic properties of negotiation, it seems that there must ini- tially be different positions with regard to an object the meaning of a con- cept, a norm, a position within a structure, etc. Expanding the Concept of ‘Political Opportunity Structure’. dissertafion

Some commentators would argue that these concepts are of a different category, coercion and repression designating the execution of actions intended to influence a party, while power when used to refer to a property of an individual or collective actor is arguably best conceived as a disposition, the capacity of one actor to influence other actors Morriss ; Lukes reiteg.

Provocation narratives are not simply lists of causes or motives for or against violence in response to police provocation, they consist of a se- quence of elements that should be analyzed in their ordered relation to each other and to the whole that they form.

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The G8 at Genoa and Its Aftermath. Some Reflections on the Italian Case. Several of you are not only colleagues but also good friends.

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Lecture on 30 March. He is currently doing comparative research on “local social forums” through participant observation and interviews with activists on the issue of democratic participation in Italy. It should be noted stra- ight away that in international comparison the level of political conflict in both Sweden and Denmark is relatively low, especially in terms of political violence and violent state repression cf.


Not so for the diffusion of dissertatino phenomena.

Nurturing the British Model of Policing. However, in later papers I reconsidered this position and have actively encouraged my respondents to remain anony- mous, thereby avoiding the risk that they might later on change their minds and regret the presence of their names in print in connection with protest and protest policing. The paper deals dissertztion the general forms of conceiving provocation, and not about aiding the police by helping them classify different groups in terms of mili- tancy.

The Making of Protest and Protest Policing: Negotiation, Knowledge, Space, and Narrative

Activists came into contact with each other, connecting the squares where they protested through the use of new technologies and similar symbols. Ultimately, knowledge about these dynamics should be appreciated in relation to the importance of maintaining plural and dynamic public spaces for deliberation and political representation in a democratic society. The analysis reveals how violence is accounted for by using distinct types of plot and particular characters to present the demonstrators as both victims and agents.

Many thanks to relatives and good friends who have generously provided me with somewhere to stay while travelling: Scandinavian Jour- nal of Social Theory Street performances and road blockades are staged on both the Swiss and the French sides. None can be considered as an independent unit for a similar methodological observation, see Schmitter, Its Theory and History.

Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society.

heribert reiter dissertation

Past records, future challenges, p. Following the Republican Convention in New York, the city was sued by numerous protesters, protest- ing their treatment by the NYPD, leading to a new set of guidelines for the future management of demonstrations.