Experimental methodologies and those peculiar to the humanities support each other to develop a theory of primitive consciousness and intellectual development. Meischner, “Wilhelm Wundt”, in H. Since the latter did not know him personally, but the university insisted that he should first recommend Verwoerd, Verwoerd withdrew his application for admission. Nevertheless, on numerous occasions in later years he spoke about various stages of development, concluding that white people had a right of trusteeship over indigenous Africans. In reality this was a veiled way of ensuring that the benefits of higher education, good jobs and economic advancement would be closed to Black people in perpetuity.

M von Hornbostel, Tonart und Ethos: The Leipzig psychologists explicitly identified themselves as a school and were recognised as such by the academic fraternity. Interestingly, Wundt recommended Krueger for the position although Krueger had rejected Wundt’s approach to psychology by this time. He conceded that gestalt psychology was a step in the right direction but maintained that a conclusive psychological and philosophical explanation of the psyche could only be provided by the Leipzig school. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Schriften aus den Jahren Springer, Berlin and Heidelberg,pp Verwoerd’s state funeral, attended by a quarter of a million people, [52] was held in Pretoria on 10 Septemberduring which his South African flag -draped casket was laid on veewoerd artillery carriage towed by a military truck. Naked racism would have been the variant that denied the developmental capacities of Africans, but this yf was apparently not adapted by most apartheid intellectuals.

hf verwoerd thesis

General Smuts lost his own seat of Standerton. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Chapter Two concentrates on Nadine Gordimer’s novella Something Out There that points to European people’s fear and anxiety originating from the inner self.


There is no place for him in the European community above the level thesid certain forms of labour. Later that year, he continued his studies in the UK and then proceeded to the United States.

Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd

The Psychological Institute at the University of Leipzig, where Verwoerd studied, was politically the most conservative and nationalist among the three universities which the young scholar from Stellenbosch visited – the others were Hamburg and Berlin. That this kind of thought is not a thing of the past can still be seen verwosrd more recent comparisons of “primitive” peoples to children, for example C.

Fortunately, the notes from Thesia child psychology course have been preserved to provide some insight into the proceedings.

Human maturation manifested itself as complex qualities became more structured through experience and reason. Racism in the Modern World.

However, in his defence, he stated he only wanted to injure, not kill, Verwoerd. This approach was first postulated thesia Germany by the Hamburg psychologist William Stern, under whom Verwoerd vwrwoerd for one semester after leaving Leipzig. Charles Robberts Swart — Verwoerd felt that the political situation, that had evolved over the previous century under British rule in South Africa, called for reform.

InVerwoerd joined by a group of Stellenbosch University professors protested against the immigration of German Jews to South Africa, who were fleeing Nazi persecution.

Hendrik Verwoerd and the Leipzig School of Psychology in

The Leipzig psychologists explicitly identified themselves as a school and were recognised as such by the academic fraternity. Ash, Gestalt Psychology in German Culture, Hornbostel was a musicologist belonging to the Berlin school of gestalt psychology. Services on Demand Article.


On the 50th anniversary of Verwoerd’s assassination inparts of the South Africa media argued that Tsafendas should be regarded as an anti-apartheid hero, while others argued against such an interpretation on the grounds that Tsafendas assassinated Verwoerd because he was mentally ill, not because he was opposed to Verwoerd’s politics.

Rise of the South African Reich. March after South Africa had left the Commonwealth, see A. This was also the first time in 12 years of government that the National Party was able to gain a majority in the white electorate. Gerwoerd to cite this article. Dutton, London and New York,pp 19ff.

On associationist psychology generally, see H. This was the starting point for the fundamental difference between cognitive psychology and behaviourism. Nevertheless, on numerous occasions in later years he spoke about various stages of development, concluding that white people had a thesid of trusteeship over indigenous Africans.

Gender differences also found an echo in Verwoerd’s teaching.

hf verwoerd thesis

See also his publication H. European children received the decisive impulse for their intellectual development during this phase, while Africans became so overwhelmed by their sexual drives that they would never overcome the puberty stage.

David Pratt is overpowered after he shoots Hendrik Verwoerd. Cited by Google Similars in Google.