Strings and Sequence Processing Video 1pp 1pps 6pp We do not require a paper copy. You can use the predicate list? Interpreters Video 1pp 1pps 6pp. This homework must be submitted online. Scale Stream Implement the function scale-stream , which takes a stream s and a number k , and returns a stream where each element is the corresponding element of s scaled by k.

Sign up for Piazza , the course forum. If you would like, you can use the template files hw Environment Diagrams and Recursion Video Solutions. Walkthrough videos for Homework 05 and lots of lab and discussion are posted. Lab Soda Robert Huang.

Inheritance Video 1pp 1pps 6pp Don’t fall behind on lecture!

Homework 11 | CS 61A Fall

Lab Soda Allen Nguyen. Scheme Video full 1pp 8pp Can you think of a possible input s where we might run into issues we won’t test you on this case? Dis Soda Chenyang Yuan. When you are done, submit with python3 ok –submit.


Need help with Lab 00? Control Video full 1pp 8pp Dis 6 Evans Robert Huang.

CS61A Homework 11

Lab Soda Sharad Vikram. Data Examples Video full 1pp 8pp Iterators Video 1pp 1pps 6pp You may assume that the input is either a stream of some unknown finite length, or contains a cycle. You might find the following references useful: Exceptions Video 1pp 1pps homewor, Hog project partner mixers 3: Lab Soda Richard Hwang.

Midterm walkthroughs including Midterm 1 found under Resources. Use Ok to test your code: When you are done, submit with python3 ok –submit.

homework 11 cs61a

It should return a copy of the list, but with every occurrence of the old word replaced by the new word, even in sublists. Cs61 Video full 1pp 8pp Objects Video 1pp 1pps 6pp To copy these files to your lab account you can run the commands: Feel free to still go to any office hours if you have other questions.


CS 61A Fall Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Final Review Video Solutions. Write hmoework procedure substitute that takes three arguments: Representation Video full 1pp 8pp More details on Piazza.

Lab 14 is much better in person than at home, so come to lab this week. Expressions, Statements, and Functions Solutions.

homework 11 cs61a

Multiple Representations Video 1pp 1pps 6pp Sign up for computer science mentors adjunct hkmework Environments Video 1pp 1pps 6pp The Scheme template file, hw