When they report to me an instructor is abusive, I go to the Dean. Hello, Would you be willing to join our group on Facebook? If I were a hiring manager, the qualifications I would look for would include: Well she was more helpful but she was still shaky with the material she was teaching us. During my Capstone quarter, my instructor kept grading reports and returning them. Some students were swayed by a “sales-pitch” when they signed up at ITT-Tech.

Had a friend that did one of the programs there. However I spoke to the chair and the dean and told them i could not attend this quarter due to pseronal reason reasons. I have worked enough at different jobs, as a math instructor, to know ITT-Tech is doing a horrible job. The school couldn’t care less about “bettering their lives” or whatever BS they spit out. School wasn’t entirely awful, there was some educational benefit. I know nothing about my field. Is they usually let out at 11 if class ended at

This group of students was the best group of students that I ever had at this campus, so I felt that they were qualified to pursue such a significant endeavor.

This information should have been reviewed in your online training course. Upon going to the career service at ITT, they had me fill out a profile sheet and handed me a print-out of career builders web services for job seekers. I never knew them to get a job for even 1 student in the years that I was employed.


I have 3 classes before graduation and our class was told the first day that for now on we have to get b instead of c.

itt tech ceet capstone project

To start off, I was laid to about my student loans. I actually had decent experiences with the teachers I had and learned some things that helped me along in my career. The worst was on the capstone project. These Architectural design texts books were not very educating.

ITT Capstone Project solar radar ITT Tech Charlotte North

I was told by numerous employers the degree in have is worthless to them. My wife went to a major University and has a Doctoratate. He deserved to be teaching at a better school.

My teaching job at ITT is helping me to pay off student loans. Some of the instructors don’t even use the textbooks because they are so ridiculous.

I was at the Indianapolis ITT and we even tried to get a lawsuit started while we were in class They said I would make 80kk upon graduation. I know nothing about my field. The saddest part capstohe that this was a good school for many, many years.

itt tech ceet capstone project

My experiences were fantastic ones, and if there is anything left to say, it’s that I really miss my students and I literally cried when I heard they were having their degrees, which they worked rpoject to achieve, taken away and treated like they were worthless.

Degree programs will vary by capstohe, but the most popular offered include: I was told it was a not for profit school, then half way threw school, I found out it was indeed a for profit school, another lie. During the s, the original Seattle was the first educational facility in the area years before other community colleges and state technical schools were doing so.


I also bet lots would feel the same way. Before I was a prospect they told me “We are feet accredited”. My time at ITT covered all my math and science requirements.

I find that type of attitude very disrespectful and demeaning.

September 2016

My campus had great teachers and labs. Several months into my program I figured out that I had been deceived by the admissions department. I wanted to respond to the teacher’s comment that was just added: I hope we hear how this student is received by potential employers with ITT on a resume.

itt tech ceet capstone project

It’s no secret that this school is a complete joke; thriving on mostly low-income students and their financial aid money. He didn’t give us much in the way of economics teaching.

I will start the reinstatement process against my better vapstone.

Keep your eyes open, and you will see what I mean. They had people signed up who could not pass the basic sciences ity math classes.