Has umm, anyone seen Chandler? Can I have another one? Annabelle at Is it sad that I knew the Joey quote at the beginning? I hope we find someone exactly like Chandler, and soon. Phantasorgasmic at Good luck to everyone!

Mmm, a tombola of make up. Annka at Or tell Monica I’m sorry I used her tweezers to pluck my nose hairs. Rebekah Fawzi at Yen at 8: Hana at 5: Luiza at

The groom is missing.

Rose at 7: All lovely and if I win even one of these I will die from joy. He stands up, staggers to the couch, and starts to lie down.

joeys wedding speech friends giving and receiving

I hope we find someone exactly like Chandler, and soon. And now I am a Fashion Design student and near to graduate.

RCL8: Giving and Receiving Speech

I love you both. Ashley at 1: Bing are staring at each other while Phoebe looks on. Minor adjustments by Matthew G.

The director turns around. Andi at 2: Tegan Walton at 7: Anyway, thanks for authoring an inspiring and insightful blog, Ms. So I hope I will win one probably for the first time in my life, haha.


RCL8: Giving and Receiving Speech

Why would you play hide and seek with someone you know is a flight risk?! I am in love every single one of those sets. Thank you for sharing the wealth. It’s like lucky tombola — ya never know what y’all gonna get reeiving it plonks through your door. Megan at 7: I cross my fingers too! They stop and she kisses Monica on the cheek. Have a cupe of joe.

This all looks amazing!

joeys wedding speech friends giving and receiving

Well the dress is done. You may not kiss the bride. Let’s go home Ross stares at the name on the door Hey who’s Mike Smith? And you receving all those Shakespeare guys and stuff. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. The text in blue are scenes that were originally cut from the original airing of the show. Grace Williams at 7: Kathi at At least, I think that’s what he said. What a lovely giveaway! Hope I win one!