Accessed May 23, A holistic coordination is required to transfer core competencies or to pursue experience curves and location economies. By relying on their strengths the Tan family was able to maintain in difficult. Until today they achieved to be still the largest fast food company in the Philippines. We found this international strategy insufficient, and that it hindered them to fully exploit the market potential in Hong Kong.

They stand by their tag line and portray their brand in this context. An effective MDP can build a unifying corporate culture by socializing new managers and partners into the norms and value systems of the firm. The domestic side, however, viewed things differently. Retrieved from Fast Food: This reflects that there exists a huge market for Jollibee in Hong Kong but before setting up another store at Hong Kong they need to resolve their issues there. Their main problem there is inability in attracting local managers. As a result it was losing market share step by step.

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The company has an opportunity in Papua New Guinea, California and Hong Kong but before taking that decision they need to work upon their previous issues to ensure the success in these countries. The initial plan in Hong Kong has been to become one of the major players in the market fast. As a part of this they started opening outlets in every country vonclusion felt an opportunity.

We will write a custom essay sample on. Based on the success in the domestic market the parent company expanded to different ways studh as China, Brunei, Vietnam, Saipan, Indonesian, Dubai and the U.


The key to achieve economies of scale is selecting the right location to attract traffic and a highly efficient operation management. Therefore they felt they were faced with very low pressure for local responsiveness. Jollibee began to recognize to change the strategy.

jollibee case study conclusion

The main problem was the model followed by them. Academic Books, Copenhagen Business School. The FSM hired a project manager, typically a native of the entered market.

Published by Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc. Cooperation reduced to a minimum so that the International Division felt that they did not get supported any more.

For example, the menu offered in Hong Kong is almost the same as the Filipino one, hollibee of what to sell has simply been brought in jollibe headquarter case page. The company had been taught an concllusion lesson: Kitchner felt the need to increase the pace of the global expansion projects as he felt that visibility was the only way to bring Jollibee into top ten fast food brands.

As success continued Kitchner, however, found that Jollibee has struggled at numerous entry battles. As explained in the case the competitor had an advantage in terms of brand name, the profitability, the customer base they had.

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This is possible only in a transnational entity. My studt is that Jollibee should create some jollibee cut instructions regarding the resources that the international division can utilize and its authority of decisions. In order to keep the customer loyalty at its level Jollibee values quality and their philosophy over anything.

But as the profit potential is high, the competition in Hong Kong for similar food companies, such as McDonalds, is also very intense. Throughout the expansion a lot of issues came up between the international division and the domestic headquarter. They realized the failure of their joint ventures was due to the lack of support from the parent company.


Jollibee Case Study Essay

Finally, the above analysis will provide us with information about the existing opportunities on the Chinese market and will enable us to suggest a reconstruction of the offshore business in Hong Kong to make it more successful. Click to learn more https: This smooth transition can be enabled by inter unit cooperation, decentralizing the organizational structure and following a geocentric approach.

jollibee case study conclusion

Feeling of one unit and one family is considered to be their priority as they expanded immensely into various countries and regions. Accessed May 23, We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. In a dispute over discipline between the four Chinese Managers, and the five Filipino Managers, resulted in the Chinese Managers leaving Jollibee with only Filipino crew left page Consistency and reliability is cojclusion important to promote an image of one unit.

Sudy created an International Division recruiting about 10 managers from different departments such as marketing, finance, quality control and product development. Jollibee experienced the internal challenges of organizational culture clash between its implemented Filipino workers and the Cwse staff.

jollibee case study conclusion