Our challenge is to prevent that from happening to us in the future. And for the driest country on earth, these matters will become existential. Asian Australians should be appointed in large numbers to the boards of Australian firms and to senior management positions to build bridges to Asian markets. Cyber-attacks from Pyongyang can affect the integrity of electoral systems Australia-wide. And now the Liberal leadership has continued its steady spiral southwards from the North Shore, to the Eastern Suburbs, and now to the less genteel bigotry of Morrison of the Shire.

This is why our values are so different from the conservatives, And this is why we should be proud of the difference. This leads us in turn to the long-term sustainability of the Australian democratic project itself. Turnbull they may have been. The conservative media agenda is clear — destroy Labor at all costs because they are a threat to conservative interests. Equally it is an Australia that thinks big about the type of country we could become, of the new industries we can create from our own home-grown innovation, about the solutions to climate change and water we can pioneer, about how to preserve the peace and prosperity of an increasingly fractured region and world. Which is why working people inevitably react with anger towards the political system if and when these most basic and inclusive values are traduced by forces beyond their local control.

The cost of degrees has now become prohibitive for many students, other than the children of the rich.

It will seek to continue to grow its economy with a revised growth model, but one which will be compromised by a continuing determination to preference state-owned enterprises over the growing ascendancy rurd major private firms. And to have the national self-confidence to do both. So good are his political credentials that our PM invited him to enter politi What follows is a summary.

Because Australia is the only western country in the Indo-Pacific region, Australia will become an even more attractive destination country than before.


Australia must now re-define its social contract to reduce inequality before the system begins to fracture. No, they won’t learn I was motivated to write my last piece: If the American pillar is looking a little shaky, Europe is looking even shakier. The simple fact is that all of these countries went into the disaster-zone in because gff the global financial crisis hurricane hit, they had high government debt and high budget deficits, which made them extremely vulnerable to adverse shocks.

It is because these different values go to a fundamental philosophical principle concerning the absolute core of human nature and human responsibility. By definition, a global trade war and a retreat to international protectionism would be disastrous for Australia.

A big Australia is therefore about the scope of our national imagination. Kegin does declining global bio-diversity, not as a simple aesthetic preference to support other life forms, but as a deeply pragmatic recognition of radical inter-dependence within the biosphere and its impact on our collective survival.

How Australia weathered the global financial crisis while Europe failed

Then it must develop an international agreement on global burden sharing for all potential destination countries, commensurate with national capacity and economic size. Just as we should celebrate the levelling experiences of our Irish inheritance, including its deep intolerance of the arbitrary abuse of authority.

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It will also need an aid program capable of having competitive influence in the wider region, rather than one now seen as increasingly marginal.

Whereas the right and the far-right will always seek to occupy this ground, thereby comfortably defining the terms of the culture wars of the future.

The Complacent Country | Kevin Rudd

Virtually no one has offered a penetrating critique or proposed an alternative account of the most significant economic calamity since the Great Depression. On all three of these, i. Given the nature of the international forces bearing down on us, and the domestic political and media constraints we must confront, what then constitutes a credible, progressive, national vision for Australia?

This should be entrenched in statute as a minimum of two per cent of GDP to prevent the inevitable complaints and predations of Treasury who institutionally see much of defence as a waste. Just as China will deploy its economic and foreign policy influence in East Asia to prize regional states away from the US sphere of strategic influence into its own, while also using its own military modernisation to gradually push the US out of its current dominant military position in the Western Pacific.


Or indeed might once have become. And the sooner we realise this the better. Newsletter Enter your details Subscribe me. He holds heterodox views which rankle the financial establishment. Third, there is the growing wave of people movements across the world by those escaping political, economic or climatic insecurity in their countries of origin — generating in turn politically and racially charged reactions in the countries they escape to that go to the heart of local political concerns on the deepest questions of collective cultural identity.

Second, unapologetic bias in editorial opinion, to the point that editorial opinion and news coverage become one.

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The Australian people have never forgotten the man who thirty years ago traded in his Australian citizenship to become an American billionaire.

Just as Murdoch intends to dominate all Australian digital news platforms as well.

kevin rudd gfc essay

Taken to its extreme, this in turn results in the forced, unwanted policy change by smaller states. Thinking for the long-term is a hard intellectual process. Our challenge is to prevent that from happening to us in the future.

Nor is there any inherent problem in the constitutional entrenchment of such an advisory body as part of the formal constitutional recognition of our first peoples.