Sample Solution Sorry for late posting. You can download from padowan. In probability sampling it is possible to both determine which sampling units belong to which sample and the probability that each sample will be selected. You can find the integral by using elliptic integral calculator. Sample has a known probability of being selected Non-probability Sampling: The question mention use alternative method to find T1 n T2 The question oso didnt ask for the value of T right? All solutions are updated now.

Estee Lee on April 30, at 9: Parabola shape with transformations. The data on time spent daily by students in school to access the social media is recorded. The sampling distribution is normally distributed. XY on September 16, at 1: Different school teacher have different requirement on the non-mathematical part Introduction, methodology, and conclusion.

Thank you sir, help me a lot. You can download from padowan.

math coursework stpm 2017

Get more references cokrsework Internet. Can you guide me how to do Term 2 assignment ? Non-probability Sampling The following sampling methods that are listed in your text are types of non-probability sampling that should be avoided: Sample solution for the mathematical part.


Can i know the website you are using to plot the graph? Parabola shape with transformations. Under these conditions, stratification generally produces more precise estimates of the population percents than estimates that would be found from a simple random sample.

math coursework stpm 2017

Should have negative sign right?? The following sampling methods are examples of probability sampling:. Some ideas for you. Hai Sir, how to calculate T exact? Hope that this post will help you. Solution will be posted only when they are available. Tan Jia Yee on May 4, at 8: In general a sample size of 30 is considered sufficient.

math coursework stpm 2017

So, how to continue with comments the validity??? Will sir provide some guidence for the semester 2 project work. Tiffany Cheah on March 9, at 7: Stratified Sampling is possible when it makes sense to partition the population into groups based on a factor that may influence the variable that is being measured.

Screenshot and crop or use snipping tool to get the graph on microsoft words and arrange according to your liking.


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Jin on June 12, at 6: I am not going to discuss the questions in class. Learn how your comment data is processed. May i know how to find the exact value of T in Q3?

Siti Aisyah on September 18, at 2: Random sampling is the purest form of probability sampling. The solution is complete now.

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C mat May 5, at 2: Sham on May 2, at So is ur method valid or im the one in wrong? To convert to degree. You can also include the info name, interest, and others of the respondent. Because they are approximation to the integral. Sample has a known probability of being selected Non-probability Sampling: