Kettl University of Wisconsin. Howard McCurdy American University. Mary Bruce Governors State University. San Francisco State University. Rosemary O’Leary Syracuse University.

Sherwood Florida State University. Lucy Sorensen Duke University. Brinton Milward University of Arizona. Reed University of Nebraska at Omaha. Denhardt Arizona State University. Eric Jacobson University of Delaware.

The University of Utah.

naspaa dissertation award

Lang Yang Indiana University, Bloomington. Matwiczak University of Texas at Austin. Weschler Arizona State University.

naspaa dissertation award

Teske University of Colorado at Denver. USC scientists have linked nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter reductions to a decrease in new asthma cases, reinforcing the health detriments of air pollution. Under the guidance of Cooper and the rest of his dissertation awaed, Wang studies inter-organizational collaboration, which is how the government works together with businesses, civic organizations, nonprofits or citizens to provide services or govern urban areas. Leslie Whittington Georgetown University.

Moynihan University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Joyce The George Washington University University of Southern California. David Marttala University of Arizona.


Amiurhanyan Syracuse University, Honorable Mention. Amy Kneedler Donahue Syracuse University. Albany State University Richard W. Sackton Arizona State University.

Awards and Honors | Amit Patel

William Duncombe Syracuse University. David Rosenbloom American University. Joseph Cayer Arizona State University. California State University, Dominguez Hills. Brinton Milward University of Arizona. Hoskins University of Georgia. Excellence in Teaching Award. David Schultz Hamline University.

Reed University of Nebraska at Omaha. Kristi Stillwell Diszertation of New Mexico. Donald Stone Princeton University. Christopher Davis Portland State University. Barry Bozeman Arizona State University. Stuart Bretschneider Syracuse University.

USC Price PhD student named emerging scholar in public affairs

Roger Rose University of Minnesota, Morris. Coe Aqard Carolina State University. Julie Anne Dolan American University. Maureen Berner University of Texas at Austin. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.