The water renews nature, refreshing it and preparing it for the new year. National holidays are connected with myths, history and national identity. On the night of the holiday, on March , you can join Azerbaijanis children and roam the neighborhood knocking on doors and leaving hats hiding nearby to gather sweets. It is the time of love and the time of the peasants’ labour. Medieval warriors near the Maiden Tower. The second Charshanba is related to fire. The most cheerful and long awaited holiday of Azerbaijan — Novruz Bayram is coming, bringing spring to the Land of Fire.

The city will also offer many entertainments, fitting every taste – walk through the festive Baku or visit Azerbaijan’s blooming regions. However, the final consent is not yet given. Nowruz now appears to be a unique world phenomenon in all its diversity of ancient and modern traditions. Under the custom the first to come to the girl’s house are two women – the groom’s mother and one of his close relatives. The holiday goes on for several days and ends with festive public dancing and other entertainment of folk bands, contests of national sports. As Azerbaijanis are well known for their hospitality, it could not be any easier.

novruz bayrami essay

Then he norvuz the wind to wake him up. Zardusht, founder of the faith and a Basti Jafarova, Azerbaijani actress in the role of “Spring girl”.

People are expected to plant trees on this day in Afghanistan. This time the girl’s family gives their consent.

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At some distance, Palvans strong men wrestle and cheerful national games go on. On the eve of the holiday people clean the house, clothes, utensils.


Tajikistan has a great tradition, in which children and young people go to the mountains to pick snowdrops and present them to people with songs, spreading the news about the arrival of spring. In Persian sources Novruz is the most important of the seven ceremonial holidays sesay the Zoroastrian faith. My mother remembers how her family secretly painted eggs, prepared pastries and rice, and essaay guests over.

Be ready to taste a lot of delicious food, along with the sweet symbols of the holiday: The eessay densely packed with national rituals and ceremonies were and still are the wedding ceremonies.

It is forbidden to swear, tell lies or gossip.

novruz bayrami essay

On this day people gather together: Five consecutive days, Marchhave been announced days-off in Azerbaijan on the occasion of the Novruz-Bayram holiday. In accordance with Article of the Labour Code of Azerbaijan passed inworkers receive five days off for Novruz.

The date 21 March is the first day of the official calendar of Iran baytami Afghanistan. Researchers suppose that Novruz was created by farmers in the Near East.

Usually preparation for Novruz begins a month prior to the festival. Preliminary Notification The relatives of the groom send one of their lot to the girl’s house. The origins of the holiday are as ancient as the myths and tales about it. Zoroastrian festivals List of festivals in Iran. The holiday goes on for several days and bayramii with festive public dancing and other entertainment of folk bands, contests of national sports. It is customary for people to remember their departed dear ones in their prayers.


His advocate says the journalist was beaten up during detention. Sprouting semeni symbolises sowing and a rich harvest, it represents grain, bread, increase and abundance.

It is given only during proper wooin Wooing The father of the groom invites his close relatives to his house.

According to another legend, God created a man out of soil novvruz water. Traditional art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving. Apart from Tuesdays and bonfires, perhaps the most important symbol of this holiday is Semeni: It is the time of love and the time of the peasants’ labour.

These rituals and beliefs, whether traditional or scientific, have roots in the prehistoric past. But, all of them are accepted that it’s the most ancient holiday baytami the Earth, coming with the vernal equinox.

Therefore, common to all was the custom to go to the open field to celebrate Nowruz, to enjoy the appearance of nature, to feel in harmony with it.

Wedding Traditions

On day of the big wooing the matchmakers come to the bride’s house. The main symbol of Novruz is “syamyani”, without which you can not meet Novruz.

Warmed by the breath of the earth, it lifts its head from under the snow and in gentle voice joyfully announces:

novruz bayrami essay