Quote Request Paper Type: Non endoscopic predictors of variceal bleeding in patients with liver cirrhosis. Cardiovascular manifestations and pulmonary hypertension in rheumatoid arthritis. Thyroid profile in patients with metabolic syndrome. A clinical evaluation of oral glucose tolerance tests in chronic liver disease. Coming up with a great dissertation topic requires high levels of writing techniques, tips and secrets.

Bimal patel pathology spectrum of non infectious spection, Pg dissertation topics ntruhs, Medical students for the year are registered. To assess the baseline characteristics and adverse outcomes in patients with acute coronarysyndromes. Dissertation titles year faculty subject rajiv gandhi, Ntruhs dissertation topics in paediatrics – sale, Dissertation titles year faculty subject rajiv gandhi. Predicting the impact of HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy. Model Test Papers Curriculum M.

What are good topics for thesis on tuberculosis?

A Study on demographic, etiological, clinical: Study on clinical and epidemiological of corrosive injestion. Non endoscopic predictors of oesophageal varices in patients with cirrhosis of the liver.

ntruhs thesis topics in general medicine

A study on calcium homeostasis abnormalities in patients taking chronic anticonvulsants therapy in GGH, Chennai. A Study on new onset seizures in age group more than Serum interleukin-6 levels and its correlation with insulin resistance ,sytemic hypertension in obesity. A study of the role of gastrointestinal tract hormones in digestion of nutrients. What are good topics for making a thesis in microbiology in India?


To assess the baseline characteristics and adverse outcomes in patients with acute coronarysyndromes.

A study on serum lipid profile and uric acid changes due to passive smoking in healthy women. Role of cerebrospinal fluid levels of highly sensitive c-reactive protein and lactate in acute meningitis. Avoid broad genefal topics as this could be time-consuming but instead, focus on narrowing your thesis topics in internal medicine. A study on microalbuminuria in systemic hypertension as an indicator of target organ damage.

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This is one of the most efficacious ways of composing a focused and relevant heading. Here is that rhesis. Prior to the writing, you need to acquire cognition of the question presented by the lecturer.

It is also important that you can review the guidelines on topic selection and for maximum results, you can seek expert help for a suggestion. Therefore, visit your school or local library and access all the germane textbooks, journals and magazines as sources of your information.

ntruhs pg thesis topics

Occurrence of sick euthyroid syndrome in ST elevation myocardial infarction and their prognostic significance.

Thyroid profile in chronic kidney disease. A study on clinical manifestations of right ventricular myocardial infarction. A study on bode index as a predictor of severity and systemic involvement in patients with COPD.


Elevated interleukin – 6 levels in cardiac failure and its correlation with the severity of the disease and prognosis. Tip of the Day A professional dissertation writer Creating a topic sentence. Get the best thesis topics in general medicine online now with us!

ntruhs thesis topics in general medicine

A study on the spectrum of various infections in overweight, obese an. Analysis of ECG changes ntruns a manifestaton of cardiac complications of organophosphorous compound poisoning.

A study on prevalance of elevated highly sensitive C-reactive protein in acute vascular events. Analysis of clinical profile, cardiac arrhythmias and electrolyte disturbances in patients with acute yellow oleander poisoning.

General Medicine Thesis Topics http: Corrected QT dispersion and its correlation with severity of chronic liver disease. Clinical, electrophysiological, laboratory, predictors including serum cortisol of respiratory failure in Guillain-barre’ syndrome patients. Correlation of serum uric acid with preclinical target organ dysfunction in hypertensive population.

Microvascular complication and metabolic syndrome in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes of low socio-economic group.