Exports — Our Reach Retrieved from http: Parle G has adopted the Market Penetration strategy i. Marketing strategy is all about marketing a product. While for some it’s a way of getting charged whenever they are low on energy. This product is suitable to all Income groups. Strict cost control at every point in its supply chain also helped — Parle entered into forward contracts with suppliers, outsourced production, increased the number of manufacturing locations to 60 and consolidated buying. So, it’s not for nothing that Parle-G is the world’s largest-selling biscuit by volumes.

So, it’s not for nothing that Parle-G is the world’s largest-selling biscuit by volumes. First, the hard apprenticeship and the graduation to Master Cutter, then the elite tailoring establishment that eventually developed into a wholesale business to finally, the new business in confectionaries and biscuits. Parle constantly endeavors at creating products that provide nutrition and fun to the common man. Impending problems in this brand category for Parle was the fact that the prices of raw materials from the two main raw materials for the Parle-G biscuits which account for 55 percent of their value inputs rose enough in the past 18 months to reduce the field from 15 percent to less than 10 percent. Now there are many other products like wafers and toast.

Due to this the company can expand the supply system and attract more customers.

parle g case study ivey ppt

Parle could not ignore the deep-rooted perception of VFM in the development of short-and long-term marketing plans to maintain the success of Parle-G in the market. Click here to sign up. While some have it for breakfast, for others it is a complete wholesome pzrle.

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Many of them date back to the last decade of the 19th century. Parle-G is an established company globally, but it currently faces a huge problem. About Parle — Overview — Who we are Retrieved from http: Parle can motivate retailers and wholesalers with good incentives and programs. Parle-G or Parle Glucose biscuits ;arle one of the most popular confectionary biscuits in India. If there is no congruency between the celebrity and the brand, then the audience will remember the celebrity and not the brand.


parle g case study ivey ppt

There is no proper replacement system for broken biscuits to retailers. In a world filled with faces, how many do you remember? Since it started in it has seen a tremendous increase in participating each year, with entries coming from schools of West Bengal.

parle g case study ivey ppt

In these marketing mix sellers, retailers, buyers, and wholesalers play an important role. Study is conducted by: The gamble paid off: Makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and great taste. It also has several manufacturing units on contract.

Now-a-days Britannia has adopted intensive advertisement such as through media to promote their products. Parle can take a pie of the market share of the unorganized sector by tapping rural markets through several government schemes such as mid-day meals.

This can result in less attraction for the brand products of Parle. This is based on their understanding of the Indian consumer psyche.

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Further, it also brings to focus the infrastructure available to the company which helps it to maintain supply and the awards it has won over the years. Latest testimonials ads of Parle-G. The company should come up with double packaging as people refuse to buy family pack biscuits with loose packaging.


Based on the SWOT analysis, which has been done in detail, we can deduce the issues and constraints affecting the product and its Target base.

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The immense popularity of Parle products in India was always a challenge to their production capacity. Small increase in price by 50 paisa in past had seen high decline in sales. Many of the Parle products – biscuits or confectioneries, are market leaders in their category and have won acclaim at the Monde Selection, since Parle Products has one factory at Mumbai that manufactures biscuits and confectioneries while another factory at Bahadurgarh, in Haryana manufactures biscuits.

Company caze start a program for ievy loyal retailers and wholesalers to reduce their complaints by providing timely supply and replacement.

The replacement of the damaged and expired biscuits should be prompt and without any hassles, so that retailer can be f from the loss of the expired and damaged goods. From husking the wheat and melting the sugar to delivering the final products to supermarkets and store shelves nationwide, care is taken at every step to ensure the best product of long-lasting freshness.

Parle is weak in Eastern India and Tamil Nadu. As ofit is the largest selling brand of biscuits in ;pt world according to Nielsen.

This is because of entry of several new companies into this market.