The objective here is to advocate among the private sector to implement a reproductive health programme despite opposition from the Church. Arabica, Robusta,3 Excelsa, Stenophylla and Liberica. Through its affiliates, the company is actively engaged in development programs for its communities. Since the company is primarily a coffee distributor and coffee shop operator, it did not have prior experience in actually growing coffee for commercial production. The Coffee Board6 Strengthened by this experience, Figaro has since been invited to be the private sector representative for the Presidential Task Force on Coffee Rehabilitation.

It has pledged 3. The organization has not gone through such a process in a long time so such an exercise contributed to developing a unity within for the organization. Sustainability plans There were three tracks that were recommended by the Corplan group to address future financial requirements which were subsequently refined and adopted by the organization. Merging of similar positions 2. CEOs play a crucial role in getting things started because they lend their credibility to the whole initiative.

The Philippines has set itself targets corresponding to Goals 4 and 5 of reducing the under-5 mortality rate from 80 to But this is not to say that male employees do not participate in the community srudy activities, only that they have limited time compared to the female employees and the Ladies Psbp members. Cost cutting measures Three cost cutting measures were identified: An organizational development program was then launched and is still being carried out.

The first phase of which was reatriculating organization-wide values. The continued increased demand for Barako on the other hand allows the advantage of bringing the price of Barako to a viable level that benefits both the farmer and the retailer. Thus, there is a social empowerment pbspp for a more inclusive group that will address the wider concerns of the community, which PTCA may be able to provide.

Case study: Philippine Business for Social Progress – More than wishful thinking

The involvement of top management and other influential people who will be seen as torch bearers for the changes and interventions. Originally, the multipartite monitoring team required by law for environmentally critical projects seemed to have served this purpose.


Lessons Learned As a medium-size company without the mass marketing resources of larger firms, Figaro has strength in specialty store marketing and communications strategies for advocacy and education purposes. Inthe Philippine National Red Cross PNRC cited CEMEX Philippines, through its Solid Plant operations, for its dedicated service and commitment to assist communities through volunteerism and educational programs, including bloodletting, first aid and basic life-support activities.

Let’s work together Become a Member. The budget and financial projection of PhP 1 Billion considered all related factors such as staffing, salaries and benefits, taxes, incomes from membership contributions, funds from donors, logistical and administrative expenses in accomplishing the five-year plan.

Lastly, the private sector is challenged to influence key policy issues and lead the discourse on MDG-related issues. There are other programs and events that provide this crucial link of having a common language among staff and these must be maintained and sustained.

Mechanization and increased efficiency cwse other parts of the world had greatly brought down the price of coffee.

pbsp case study

Since then, I have found myself involved in development work. The anxiety it caused the staff was obvious in the subdued noise in the canteen, in the tentative way people spoke and in sutdy resignations that were handed in.

The separation package was meant to thank the affected staff and to provide maximum financial support as they embark on another professional life outside PBSP. CEOs play a crucial role in getting things started because they lend their credibility to the whole initiative.

Ten percent came from project completion repayments. Dialogues, focus group discussions and employee volunteerism are some of the measures that CEMEX Philippines can further utilise towards this end. The Complex is equipped with facilities that allow for interaction stidy and among the employees and the community in an informal setting which contributes to stronger community relations.


Case 5: Philippine business for social progress (PBSP): Organizational change management

Key success factors There are three key factors that lead to a successful change program: The program includes infrastructure support and capability building and is implemented by CEMEX Philippines through funding support and corporate volunteering. After lbsp years, the internal audit team has ensured that NGO-partners and beneficiaries have the capability to install financial and accounting systems pbxp procedures according to acceptable standards.

PBSP’s “vision” was redefined to the ideal state of the organization, while the “mission” was redefined to be the reason for its existence. According to the second Philippines Progress Report on the Millennium Development Goals, only a third of the Philippine population now remains below the poverty threshold.

PBSP’s new mission Figure PBSP is a corporate-led Foundation committed to improve the quality of life of the Filipino poor; promoting business sector commitment to social development; harnessing resources for innovative programs that lead to self-reliance and sustainable development.

The company also closely co-ordinated with the local clergy in reviving a parish church, with the international CEMEX management providing funds for this endeavour.

pbsp case study

The company is now expanding corporate volunteering to support the educational upgrade program for the employees and is working towards institutionalising corporate volunteerism in the APO plant. Log In Sign Up. Developing a strategic masterplan The strategy preparation process of PBSP, internally known as the medium-term plan, is done every five years.

Objectives are carried out through three different aspects: Clarity of micro and macro factors surrounding the change interventions. Second, companies can use profits, employee competencies and expertise, products and advertising to support and promote a social agenda.