The entries must be dropped off at designated locations across the Philippines. Two groups of five people compete against each other in a quiz competition. If they correctly guess the words, they win the maximum cash prize. Several people who were taken from the studio audience must each pick one of the That’s My Baes. Indonesia ended on April , due youtube poor ratings caused by the sudden departure of their main head host in Eatbulaga Problem Solving July 30 Eat Bulaga Problem Solving May 29 These are 19 julies result for eat Eat bulaga july 30 problem solving with yaya dub alden part, Problem Youtube August 4, nag disguise si lola niDora, here you can solve the julies. The player must guess whether the next tablet has a higher, lower, or the number than the previous one.

It is a comedy skit segment where it narrates a spoof of some of the famous fairy tale stories, and the EB hosts will portray the characters from the story. For the first challenge, the candidates will first introduce their own information such as their characteristics, habits, hobbies, zodiac signs, likes, dislikes, and favorites to the searcher, and they will also make a pick-up line to the searcher; the searcher will then choose one from the four whose characteristics amuses or attracts him or her, and the chosen candidate will then step forward to the second stage. With helmets on, the players must hop from the starting point to the finish line. If someone manages to win the game and claim the prize, the prize amount for the next game will revert to P50, and will repeat the cycle. One audience member has the opportunity to win a cash prize based on the weight of the coins that they scoop and transfer from any of the six coin basins to the weighing scale in the center of the stage. Child contestants sing hit songs from the s, s, and s in this singing competition.

The project starts from the summer season until the beginning of a school year.

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During the peak of the AlDub phenomenon, many songwriters became inspired to compose songs out from the love solvong of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. EB University is a one-day beauty pageant for male and female campus crushes from different universities across the country. Initially started as vignette characters for Problem Solvingthe concept of the previous segment morphed into a live impromptu soap opera parody due to the chemistry and drama between Mendoza and Richards.


Pinagbiyak na Bunga is an impersonation contest for contestants who can imitate the looks and the talent of a local celebrity.

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Those people were declared as the unsung heroes of today and were given a small reward as a token of appreciation. The prerecorded visits of the hosts to the lucky winners’ homes are shown in the segment.

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Hosts are divided into pairs and must sing their answers to the asker’s questions. Several people who were taken from the studio audience must each pick one of the That’s My Baes. For the first round, contestants must form a queue from the 3 sets of colors: The player will then pick three Dabarkads who he or she will play rock—paper—scissors provlem. The Best round deals with a very easy trivia question. The winner will then receive a variety of gifts and prizes from the sponsors of the segment, including a cellphone, appliances, grocery items, and a raffle entry for a chance to win a house and lot.

Verbal clues are any descriptions, words, and phrases that are related to the word. The winner will win prizes such as gift packs from All Day.

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Hi-Lo Todo Panalo is a game segment that involves oversized playing cards. The daily contestants must perform three poses as requested by the hosts in order to compare the definition of their muscles.

Kremil-S Xpril Magic is a talent contest for magicians who can perform a number of magic tricks and illusions well.

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Beauty and brains are two important criteria for the contest, but the contestants must also face a series of challenges in order to determine the winner of the segment.

After the proposal, Eat Bulaga! Contestants must act a scene from the film with a few Eat Bulaga!

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The segment’s caravan travels all across the country to bring the segment to the Filipino people. It is a dance contest for women in which the contestants must dance like the character Marimar, from the famous Mexican telenovela.


Among the finalists, the photo with the most likes on the EB Facebook page will win the grand prize. It is a contest bulagaa singers who must sing the song Bluer Than Blue which eah covered by Regine Velasquezand originally sang by Michael Johnson.

The BakClash Hall of Divas perform a song number with local celebrity singers. The new edition is no longer part of Kalyeseryeand is revived as a subsegment of Juan for All, All for Juan: The highest jackpot prize offered by the game segment was 2 million pesos.

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For each stage, bulafa searcher and the candidate will be given set of hearts which contains choices bupaga different categories such as colors, animals, foods, etc. Dabarkads Hiphop Dance Challenge is a one-day dance competition between the show’s hosts to determine who is the best at hip-hop dancing. Once all the boxes are paired with a contestant, they are opened one by one to reveal their cash prize.

For the second round, the contestants must choose a letter from the letters P, U, R, E, G, O, L, and D, letters that will form the word Puregoldthe segment’s sponsor, each contestant must choose one letter. Throughout its run, Pinoy Proglem has evolved into many different themes and editions to cater to particular groups of people, frequently modifying the segment’s title to indicate the contestants of the edition.

Aspiring rock and metal bands across the country compete for a chance to win a large cash prize and a recording contract with OctoArts Music The contest was hosted by Fire, problsm duo of singers Ana and Soraya.