The hosts periodically blows their whistle to stop the music in order to state the direction that the box must be passed to. The barangay hosts also attempt to answer questions that netizens ask through the show’s Twitter or Facebook page. The team that finishes with the fastest time of knocking the 4 boxing dummies wins the game. One with dirty clothes, and one that was cleaned using the detergent brand that sponsored the segment: In the second round, the two players must guess the same set of words within 30 seconds.

For the second round, the contestants will do an acting challenge, wherein each contestant will be given a certain scenario, with the contestants and certain EB Dabarkads taking their assigned roles and will do an acting scene according to the given scenario. A host blows a whistle to signal audience members to start passing and throwing beach balls all around the studio. The contestants are given five seconds to give a response for each clue given. Buffalo Dance is one of the many dance competitions created by Eat Bulaga! The final player must write the correct answer on the touchscreen board in order to win the jackpot prize. For it to qualify, it must be well-organized, clean and well-behaved. Participants watching on television must comment the correct answer, along with a code that will be given by the program, on the designated Facebook post from the official Facebook page of Eat Bulaga!

In addition to the return of the drama specials inEat Bulaga! It is a contest for children sponsored by the milk brand: For the second round, the contestants must choose a letter from the letters P, U, R, E, G, O, L, and D, letters that will form the word Puregoldthe segment’s sponsor, each contestant must choose one letter. In unison, the models bang their hands twice with their fists and once with their hands lying flat on the table for the contestant to hear. Let’s Do the Switch involves pairs of Eat Bulaga!

Eventually, Problem Solving gave birth to the phenomenal loveteam called AlDuband the segment gradually morphed into a live impromptu soap opera called Kalyeserye.


The defeated candidates will now reveal their peoblem to the searcher. The general selection process begins with off-air auditions held in various cities across the Philippines.

Players of each team take turns going through a simple obstacle course, and the team with the fastest time wins the competition. It is a special musical presentation during Saturdays featuring the Broadway Boys, a singing group whose members are Sllving Torino, Joshua Lumbao, Bennedict Aboyme, and Francis Aglabtin, where they perform bulaha numbers with different OPM singers and several international singers each week.

Certain questions will be provided during the show. Kiddie Ballroom is a dance competition for child pairs who can ballroom dance. The segment is a dance contest for women who can belly dance. The entire team must wave their hands to control the vehicle in one minute.

Kakaibang Bida is a talent segment that features magicians, comedians, contortionists, jugglers, and other performers with unique talents. Bulgaathe one-day segment was revived under a slightly modified title, Miss EB Universeincluding the word “Miss” in the title and completely dropping the subtitle. Korek Ka Dyan is a quiz segment that offers a maximum cash prize of 1 million pesos for correctly answering successive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty.

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Macho is one of first dance contests created by Eat Bulaga! After becoming a popular segment, Eat Bulaga! The highlight of the competition are the funny antics of the five contestants during the introductory portion, the talent portion, and the question-and-answer portion.

problem solving eat bulaga june 10 2015

Heart to Get is a reality dating game segment every February during the s in time for Valentine’s Day. Home viewers get a chance jnue win different prizes just by texting a particular code that would appear right on their television screens. The contestants are pdoblem by the studio audience based on the amount of applause received. The winning barangays with the best group dance performance will then be chosen. The segment is based on the original version of Bulagaan.


The segment is a competition in which rock bands perform rock version of popular Filipino Christmas songs. The most awaited event for the loveteam also marked a major turning point of the Kalyeserye story; the couple were ublaga to see and interact with each other without any hindrance from Lola Nidora Wally Bayola’s character in Kalyeserye The special show dubbed as “Sa Tamang Panahon” At the Right Time attracted an estimated 55, people, becoming the largest indoor audience ever of Eat Bulaga!.

There is a ball with a special sticker, and whoever is holding that ball is eligible to win a larger cash prize by answering a question from the hosts. It is a dance contest for women in which the contestants must dance like the character Marimar, eaat the famous Mexican telenovela.

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Several people who were taken from the studio audience bualga each pick one of the That’s My Baes. It is a segment in which the hosts provide beauty tips for barangay residents who have beauty problems. The TeleMovie aired on October 21, Idol of the People is a talent contest to discover the idol of the people bulagx singing and dancing.

The performance of the contestant pairs is a type of ballroom dance.

problem solving eat bulaga june 10 2015

Initially started as vignette characters for Problem Solvingthe concept of the previous segment morphed into a live impromptu soap opera parody due to the chemistry and drama between Mendoza and Richards.

For the next round, the contestants will randomly choose one of several vaults, which contain several prices.