Tanks such as Ramappa, Pakhala, Laknavaram, Ghanapuram, Bayyaram which were built by Kakatiyas resemble seas and they greatly helped agriculture and overall development and prosperity of the Kakatiya kingdom. This help the engineers to plan and monitor effectively with an exhaustive, granular and realtime data, obviating the need for manual recording. Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University is also doing a study. The usage of silt or soil that is rich in soil nutrients was transferred by the farmers to their fields. The minimum ayacut that can be irrigated with the above allocated water is about 20 lakh acres.

A reconciliation survey was conducted to identify the exact number of all types of Minor irrigation sources in Telangana State. This vision and legacy of Kakatiyas were carried forward by Qutubshahis and Asafjahis who ruled this region for centuries. The Revenue Department officials will have to coordinate with the field Engineers in. This continuous and policy based discrimination in Irrigation Sector turned Telangana Region into a graveyard of farmers and land of migration. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

short essay on mission kakatiya in telugu

For Mission Kakatiya Tenders will be call up and start from 3rd week of this November The works shall be sanctioned only after inspection of concerned officer as per the norms given below issued vide G. Task Powers delegated to Value in Rs. Tanks have been the life line esszy Telangana owing to the state’s geographical positioning.

Tank irrigation has huge bearing on generation of rural employment, poverty reduction and agricultural growth. As a part of Mission Kakatiya No of works costing Rs.


short essay on mission kakatiya in telugu

Oneindia in Other Languages. Sector is reorganized and Strengthened with following Administrative structure. Due to de-silting, it is observed that the fluoride content in the ground water is reduced considerably as per studies conducted. The reasons for this gap ayacut under Minor Irrigation tanks are due to. The household agricultural income has also increased Laxminarasaiah said that the essay writing competition would be conducted on the topic.

essay on mission kakatiya in telugu language

The topography and rainfall pattern in Telangana have made tank irrigation an ideal type of irrigation by storing and regulating water flow for agricultural use. The programme helps in rejuvenating 46, tanks and lakes, storing TMC water across the state in five years. Phase Mission Kakatiya Wikipedia in Telugu: But large quantities of water from these rivers are diverted to subsist the industrial, drinking and other needs of Hyderabad and irrigation needs of Andhra.

Today the drought is manifested in every facet of human life and it is particularly so with the rural poor. The silt so removed is proposed teugu use as manure for the fields with the participation of farmers by transporting and spreading in the fields with their cost. On telufu of de-siltation of the tanks the following are the advantages which may benefit kn farmers. The Revenue Department officials will have to coordinate with the field Engineers in.

He celebrated his birthday in on a lake bund in Warangal.

Essay on mission kakatiya in telugu

De-silting can improve ground water recharge and drinking water facility to cattle in the summer. The objective of Mission Kakatiya is to enhance the missjon of agriculture based income for small and marginal farmers, by accelerating the development of minor irrigation infrastructure, strengthening community based irrigation management and adopting a comprehensive programme for restoration of tanks. Accompanying the process of Kakatiya state formation in Telangana was the spread of the Telugu language as the in the Telugu lands under the Kakatiya.


Member District Panchayat Officer: Minutes of the meeting will be communicated to the officers concerned. The Kakatiyas left many monuments, including an impressive fortress, The Kakatiya extensively used sheet metal art to decorate chariots. The ground water table increased from 6. Out of them, water bodies costing Mission About kakatiya essay 9.

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The water retention capacity of the soil will increase there by decreasing the number of wettings. Mission Kakatiya Most prestigious project in state of Telangana its main aim to provide TeluguHindi.

Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University is also doing a study. The mission aims at retrieving the lost glory of minor irrigation in the state with community participation for ensuring sustainable water security.

short essay on mission kakatiya in telugu

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