By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. They should be arranged using one of the methods discussed in Chapter 3. A new chapter must start on a new page. Thesis title should not contain formulas, symbols or subscripts, Greek letters, or other non-alphabetical symbols; rather word substitutes are used. The character size should not be less than 0. All these pages must be saved into one 1 file only.

For illustrations other than above, please refer to the following guidelines; i Photographs Photographs should be digitally embedded in the text unless absolutely impossible. I am also very thankful to my co-supervisors Professor Dr. Font type and size that are commonly used for printed academic materials should be used. The pre-access file should include all the preliminary pages and the first ten pages of the introduction as arranged in the bound thesis. Research and Training Center Name of Supervisor I: This is in-line with development in digital technology and globalisation.

Tables must be numbered with respect to the chapter. All figures in the chapter can also be grouped together and positioned at an cormat location. IEEE, – One and a half line spacing should be used.

Kesan penggunaan gabungan operator MGA yang berbeza ke atas prestasi model yang terbentuk dikaji dan keberkesanan serta kekurangan MGA diutarakan. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai.


If a reader wishes to access the whole thesis, the reader should contact the librarian for the full text file.

The style of writing ufm on cited publication in the List of References are as follows: A Buckram type cover must be used and written with golden ink for the lettering. Title of the legislation.

Di samping itu, penggunaan carian tempatan dalam MGA untuk menambah baik algorithma tersebut dicadang dan dikaji, dinamai sebagai algoritma memetic MA.

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In particular, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to my main thesis supervisor, Professor Dr. Comparison of exprimental and computer simulation results Experiment Computer Simulation Distance Ratio mean value mean value 0.

sps utm thesis format

All references must be listed at the end of the text. Electronic format Author Year.

A title must be given and it should reflect its content. It is advisable to scan all illustration materials using a scanner and printing them using a high quality colour printer.

sps utm thesis format

The style of writing details on cited publication in the List of References should be as follows: The abstract can be written using single or one and a half spacing. I am also very thankful to my co-supervisors Professor Dr. Name of Institution; Year Example: The effect of different combinations of MGA operators on the 2.



Faculty of Electrical Engineering Yellow e. ETD must be submitted using high quality CD. The lack of any significant formal course work within our Ph. Librarians at UTM, Cardiff University of Wales and the National University of Singapore also deserve special thanks for their assistance in supplying the relevant literatures.

sps utm thesis format

It should list all sections, chapters and sub-headings. The minimum size of the letters should be 18 point. Gearing up to meet new challenges.

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Mohd Shariff Nabi Baksh, for encouragement, guidance, critics and friendship. Their order is not set in stone; it may be possible to take step 3, for example, before 1 and 2. See example in Appendix C1. This includes all preliminary pages, main contents of the thesis and all appendices as submitted to the panel of examiners and approved.

Thesis Writing Guide The main purpose of implementing digital thesis is to enable theses submitted to UTM be accessible through the Internet.