Auth with social network: April 14, Civil Status: With that, iProTech Learning Solutions targets all secondary and tertiary schools in the province of Davao del Norte as their main market. In order to maintain the accessibility of the graphical interface the following are the things to be done: Online advertisement includes promotion of products on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others. This means that base design has also been completed and ready for implementation.

Strategy and Implementation- be specific, include management responsibilities with dates and budgets. Friday, March 22, Business Plans. The internet is very most convenient way to promote or advertise the product since it provides a wider range of market. The internet is a great help in the promotion of the product. October 16, Civil Status: It answers the questions of A business. The more complex the product is, the higher the profit margin is added.

Online advertisement includes promotion of products on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others.

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The research of these schools was conducted by the project researcher with the help of the internet. The demand of providing these technologies techmopreneurship been rapidly increasing. The following are the designation of accountability and responsibility of the management team: To evaluate a new product line, promotion, or expansion. The higher the profit margin is, the greater the profit is. This Learning Management System provides lessons, video tutorials and drills in an interactive multimedia approach; samplle also allows uploading and downloading of handouts, syllabus and video tutorials.


To make this website work, we log user data sqmple share it with processors. To create regular business reviews and course direction. April 14, Civil Status: We think you have liked this presentation.

New Visayas, Panabo City Religion: Waste time writing a plan when you could be closing sales and collecting cash.


Another way to promote the product is through print ads like flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and the like. This concept will be implemented on advertisements, fliers, brochures, magazines and other printed materials that allow advertisement of products.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policytechnopeneurship cookie policy. August 12, Civil Status: The computer industry has embraced standards to enable interoperability between devices from different vendors.

technopreneurship business plan sample

Technopreneurshiip ease of entering into that market is easy since the demand of these educational tools such as Learning Management System, is high, yet the supply to such is low. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

The plan becomes the point of departure for prospective investors to begin their due diligence to ascertain potential and various risk of the venture: We are also open of whatever businsss that might consider a possible adjustment.

technopreneurship business plan sample

This also provides course-related activities such as quizzes, exercises, drills, assignments and others; and communication tools such as forums, chats, blogs and SMS Notifications. Aside from the actual sales of the product, the firm targeted to earn profit through the additional features that iProTech Learning Solutions are offering.


To set a value on a business for sale, or legal purposes. In order attain this, the firm had established strategies as follows: Identify several alternative sources of financing. After three years of operation, the firm will accept services on creating school websites, thus additional profit is also expected. As long as there is a high demand and a purchasing power in the market, the firm will supply to such demand.

Auth with social network: In order for the business to be sustainable and to maintain its growth in the market, the firm had conceptually analyzed a market-penetrating strategy that endorse and convey a sense of quality and satisfaction on the product.

This Learning Management System can also be subscribed with additional features such as SMS and Email Notifications and a stand- alone version of the system can be use using personal computers, smartphones and tablets without an internet connection but also with an additional payment.

It will only vary on the profit margin or the profit that the firm wants.

Developing a Dynamic Business Plan. Agusan del Sur Religion: Disclose or discuss any potential problem in the venture.

technopreneurship business plan sample

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