Is there a possibility I can still register for the course? These include working or volunteering as a research assistant, or completing an Independent Study course for credit. The course manager and course committee will then assign students to work in a research laboratory for the academic year based on both the preferences of the faculty and the students. Depending on which other module you plan on completing, you may be able to take additional Psychology courses outside of the 9. All other students must register for Psychology E including HBSc students supervised by psychology faculty members who are conducting research that does not fall under the NSERC mandate, e. Most statistics courses are antirequisites of one another, therefore once you take one, you cannot take another without losing credit for the first one. Enrollment limited to students in Honours Specialization in Physiology and Psychology program.

Some research areas are much more popular than others, however. What is a Transfer Student? You should also send this form to any potential supervisors you want to work with. I already have supervisor who has agreed to supervise me. Psych or the former 2.

You wish to pursue a degree with a Major in Psychology. Thus, take more than one course from the same individuals, and go all out in these courses.

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Welcome to Psychology at Western! Attend classes, read, and complete assignments to the best of your ability. Interviews with each thesie will be organized for the first week of the academic year Speed Interview Format. Debra Jared djjared uwo. Physiology E Prerequisite s: There are numerous benefits to early participation as a volunteer under the supervision of a faculty member in the Psychology Department, especially if you think you might wish to pursue graduate training in Psychology.


Before approaching a professor to discuss volunteering opportunities, be certain that you can commit at least thessis hours per week, and that you can honour this commitment.

Research courses above 0. This is a rewarding experience, but a lot of work. The syllabus, in turn, must be approved by the instructor of the UWO course. Attendance at all activities is required. Is there a thsis I can still register for the course?

Research courses above 1. You must list at least 6 potential supervisors that you would be willing to be supervised by. Psychology E students must be enrolled in the psychollgy year of the DCN program.

Honors Specialization BA

The university experience often helps students to identify their preferences and dislikes, and guides decisions about further training directions.

Students will be evaluated by their supervisor on their performance in the laboratory. It involves conducting independent research under the supervision of a faculty member.

uwo psychology honours thesis

You should send them your application form. Fifth, you would get a good sense of whether or not you would enjoy the research aspect of graduate training. These include working or volunteering as a research assistant, or completing an Independent Study course for credit. No more than Following completion of this course, students will be able to: Research projects may take the form of relatively independent work, or may involve collaboration in ongoing projects in that laboratory.

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Enrollment limited to students in Honours Specialization in Physiology and Psychology program. Make sure you have discussed the potential co-supervision psychologgy the faculty member. We will begin the process of matching students to supervisors concurrently with adjudication, so apply to the thesis course even if you are not sure you will be admitted.


uwo psychology honours thesis

For level courses, you must make a counseling appointment with the Psychology Program Advisor in order to request special permission. An undergraduate uwk honors thesis is a major research project in Psychology carried out by a 4th year honors psychology student under the mentorship of a qualified psychology supervisor, usually a full-time psychology professor on main campus.

We guarantee that papers written the night before the due date will not earn much academic credit, and cramming for exams at the last minute will leave you with no lasting knowledge, even if your marks are thesjs.

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Most students will submit their Intent to Register form online by logging into their Student Services account. All faculty members will participate in evaluation of student performance hohours a poster session at the end of the second term, where students will present the results of their projects.

Because graduate and professional programs are highly competitive, it is important to have very strong letters of recommendation.