Vasant Valley School , New Delhi , established in , is a self-financing day school with a current enrolment of in classes Foundation to Twelve. Current City and Hometown. Vasant Vihar A Block. Darsrashan Day – Lights of Aspiration Satsang 6: The children who did well are: What should I do if I want a detailed discussion about my child with her teachers? The children spend an hour developing their individual interests.

Revise for a review on reflection on monday. If your child is absent for more than two days, please inform the school by phone or in writing about the reason of absence. We also have a programme for AIDS awareness. Complete the given worksheet on HCF. Mount Carmel School mount carmel school. Maroon sweaters are worn over the regular school uniform in winter.

vasant valley senior school homework

Maroon sweaters are worn over the regular school uniform in winter. Assignments, Worksheets, Question Banks.

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Green Park K Writing an examination successfully requires special academic and emotional preparation Therefore Private Study for these classes are examination oriented during which xchool question papers are solved, discussed and evaluated. Senior School Home Assignments August Reports Vasant valley School reports give detailed and diagnostic feedback to students and parents. The twice year examinations and tests are only a small part of the evaluation process.


vasant valley senior school homework

Class 3 onwards, the children are inculcated in the more formal team sports like soccer, basketball and cricket. After vasanh MBA degree she worked with a mulinational for to years and got three promotion because of ehr efficinecy and dedication. In the “playroom” children from nursery to class 2 spend time simulating real life situations – running a home, going shopping, pursuing professions – or merely playing.

If your child is absent for more than two days, please inform the school by phone or in writing about the reason of absence.

The open house is meant for parents who wish to discuss about their child with the subject teachers. Classes 6 to 8 follow a syllabus that has been set by the teachers.

Interactives-Senior School Homework

Revise for January- April Assessment 12C: July to September Term 3: They also attend programmes where they learn craft skills from physically challenged children. Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo or Raphael. Over and above the school PE programme, sports camps are organised in the evening. The school has a very active programme that enables students to reach out and contribute to the society that has given them so much. Chittranjan Park — Bengali Market I.

vasant valley school homework

TOP Homework Junior school children get no homework except during the weekends – so scool there is no break in the link of what they have learnt in school.


During Private Study students reinforce: What is learning disability?

vasant valley senior school homework

What are the School Timings? These children must be picked up by 3: You have read about people who have selflessly worked for a cause that has benefitted the masses.

Several programmes in school integrate latest developments and technology into the curriculum TOP The Arts at Vasant Valley School In keeping with the schools philosophy and its belief in the multiple intelligence theory, the learning areas apart from the five broad based academic areas are given a lot of weightage.

This report is exclusively for class 10 and What are the available bus routes?

Vasant Kunj C — 8. Defence Colony — C Block. The children who did well: What is the academic year of the school? Are there any school for autistic children in Delhi NCR? English medium co-educational day school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.