Brown, Dean Weight transfer patterns between different skill levels and clubs in golf. Gow, Greg The language of culture and the culture of language: Newell, Frances Patterns of knowledge and knowing: Kot, Bichok Wan Lost in Transition: Herron, Alison It opens a whole new world: Loton, Daniel J Problem video game playing, self esteem and social skills: Foo, Yin Fah A cross-cultural study of accounting concepts applied in international financial reporting standards.

Brown, Dean Weight transfer patterns between different skill levels and clubs in golf. De Fazio, Daniela An exploratory study of neuropsychological impairment, driving performance, and sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnoea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. McKenzie, Michael The determination of the bio-limiting factors in the control of algal blooms in the Maribyrnong River estuary. Joshi, Anusuya Community-based waste management strategies in relation to a targeted Nepalese community. Clarke, Denise Timely intervention:

Coursework Master thesis, Vcitoria University. Ho, Thanh Thuy The impact of taxation reforms and other factors on the capital structure of real estate enterprises.

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Lee, Cheng-Fei An investigation of factors determining the competitiveness of Taiwan’s hot springs tourism sector.

Manikkam, Vasambal In-vitro physiological activities of peptides derived from underutilised Australian fish species. Ike, Ikechukwu Anthony Enhancing membrane filtration and persulphate advanced oxidation processes for water treatment.

Buddhadasa, Saman Methodologies for the analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons extracted from contaminated soils. Gao, Chun Systems for the development of athletic talent in Australia and China: What does the material reveal about literacy by age, nationality or rank?


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Bingley, Scott Adoption of the Internet in dagabase sporting bodies: Hao, Yanan Efficient web services discovery and composition. R Time varying probability of failure of steel floor beams subjected to real fire. Abdul Wahab, Alwi Court-annexed and judge-led mediation in civil cases: The ResearchArchive is open to the public, and anyone who is interested may access, read, and download material.

Alfarran, Abeer Increasing women’s labour market participation in Saudi Arabia: Kueh, Yee Cheng Modelling knowledge, attitudes, self-management, and quality of life in type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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Jayasooriya, Varuni Maheshika Optimization of green infrastructure practices for industrial areas. Lertputtarak, Sarunya An investigation of factors related to research productivity in a public university in Thailand: Cotton, Alan W The application of microcomputers in large industrial installations distributed microcomputers.

Han, Julie You-Hee Pressure signature in adverse-pressure-gradient wall bounded turbulent flows.

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Chartrungruang, Bung-On Relationship between staff selection and training based upon TQM principles and guest satisfaction with service quality in hotel settings. Lythgo, Noel Desmond Age effects on the gait kinematics to negotiate surface height changes.

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Huang, Wen Xin A fibre optic based ranging sensor. Amongst these groups spread a sense of anxiety and fear regarding whether the settler-colony was still safe place to live and where, when and how any future attacks might occur. Chiratpigalpong, Vilaivan Developing policy for staff training programs to meet ISO food factory standards in Thailand.


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Coursework Master thesis, Victoria University. Chiang, Che-Chao The influences of destination thedis on behavioural intentions: Oromo identity in Melbourne, Australia. Mateos, Hintsa The effects of feed supplemented with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on cultured abalone.

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Ball, Kevin Weight transfer styles in the golf swing: Jongsureyapart, Chatrudee Factors that determine corporate governance in Thailand. Lane, Deborah Nicola Improving workplace productivity and corporate culture: Eghliaow, Salem Mohamed An empirical examination of the determinants of audit report delay in Libya.

Mahdavian, Hossien A smart motor drive system for domestic datwbase industrial applications. Galea, Melissa Subjective sleep quality in the elderly: PhD thesis, Victoria University of Technology.

Finger, Annett Utility dxtabase the Little Penguin Eudyptula minor as a bioindicator of coastal metal pollution. Birchall, John Ventilatory threshold and peak VO2 responses in prepubescent children following a high intensity training program.