You probably perform some kind of verification and or validation – how does the tool chain look like? I will advertise with the slogan “Epochalypse But this being a negative number it will calculate the time by subtracting this many seconds from 1st January which will eventually generate a historical date-time which will cause the applications to fail. Einstein Analytics for Financial Services. It was the same for Y2K.

Woah, you were alive in the year ? The motive behind writing this article, is just to explore thought over a possibility. Many of us who worked on Y2K remediations are all to aware of the fact that decisions were made that could soon come back to haunt us. PeterisP on Mar 21, Sean on Mar 22, For picosecond resolution to be useful wouldn’t clock rates need to be on the order of THz?

The Year 2038 Bug – Y2K38 Problem – Many of your applications will crash

RandomBK on Mar 21, I wouldn’t expect many applications to call the actual syscalls directly – most will defer to libc or some other layer of abstraction, where these differences can be hidden away.

Nobody can give you pqper advice than yourself.

Translation for the slow: To inflict or execute. If you think those people went looking for another problem redearch years away to fix Perhaps this phenomenon will soon find an endpoint. They use software developed by “real” programmers, who don’t tie their code to the limitations of the system clock.


Any arithmetic requiring evaluation of fractions decimal or resfarch was done as ordinary fractions, called this way because these at least in the Netherlands are taught to children before decimal fractions. Meanwhile, we saw Microsoft break into the mainstream at aroundwhich only gave us 15 years to worry about Y2K. Those 70s and 80s programmers were working on mainframes with multi-decade depreciation. Some legacy applications might be “minimally affected by this,” Dean told LinuxInsider, “but I think the fact that those people have uneditable, unsupported legacy applications that are critical to their operating is MUCH more of an issue than the date being off.

Strikes me that the time to address them was shortly after the millennium bug.

Time to Panic About Y2K38?

They won’t be calling you y2j38 help to change date fields. Banks would be one of the worst I imagine. A lot of these devices will still be operating in with no way to “go online” to check for firmware updates. It will be good to clean up the sloppy code base when we do the refactor.

Doom will certainly follow — or, at researcch, something might happen. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. At which point we’ll all still be too distracted by deciding which JavaScript build system to use.

Man, the plot summary of Accelerando sounded so good but I couldn’t get past the writing.

y2k38 research paper

So if nobody would use bit types early on to break the 4G barrier on storage, then obviously, nobody would do it for time. And, a prepackaged methodology, spreadsheets, PowerPoint to socialize the effort, and so on.


Time to Panic About Y2K38?

A tiny niche of the reseagch industry. Taniwha on Mar 21, There are still many companies that have not converted to the 4 digit representation for the year So what? Pretty much everything in your post is wrong. Then extend refactoring tools “source-to-source translators” to automate the job. The Y2K38 problem has already surfaced, once, according to a Wikipedia article.

I Wonder how DRM anti-circumvention laws will mix with this; You have a locked-down device you use, depend on, and know is defective, but you are not allowed to hack the reesearch to fix it. No one is deploying bit linux now, outside of tiny edge cases and mobile.

y2k38 research paper

At least start getting kids using it in school. What really do you think happened behind the media “Y2K fuss”? You simply put the letter where the decimal would be and use the correct number of significant figures. Lee Humphries 6-May There will already be serious Y10K problems injust like there were Y2K problems earlier than