Padma also sees that she can buy Tootsie Rolls at the grocery store. Explain how you know. Write a rule that gives the total number of blocks t for any stage s. Use the equation and graph to determine how many boys are on the team if Julie chose 18 girls. If Julie chose 10 boys to be on the team there would be 30 girls on the team.

Describe what you see in each of the representations geometric model, table, graph, and equation of a linear pattern. Students will use this skill throughout high school to observe how different functions grow so that they can write functions to model real world situations of Stage Blocks s t d. The mouse is 8 inches away from the cheese, she scurries towards it and reaches it after 4 seconds. This section uses proportionality to launch an investigation of slope. Now interchange the roles of y and x for this relationship.

A proportional constant of 1 3 relates the number of inches a flower grows to the number of weeks since being planted. Be sure to state what the unit rate homeworkk describing.

This also gives students the opportunity to help one another learn how to accurately construct the right triangle on the graph used to find slope. The proportional constant for this relationship is 3 2. At a rate of 22 feet per second proporhional will take about seconds for the cyclists to reach Toby s location.

2.1a homework proportional relationships

How deep should each step be we will call this the run? Betsy follows the recipe which calls for 2 cups of strawberries for every 3 bananas. Rlationships are your triangles different?


How did you draw your figure in stage 4 explain or show on the picture how you see the pattern growing from one stage to the next? Some may draw out all the stages and you may want to ask if that peoportional an efficient way of finding the total number of blocks for stage 10 Relahionships the line for the sugar is steeper that means that it has a higher unit rate. Use the graph to approximate how many miles Penny can go if she has a 15 gallon tank in her car.

A baby was 9 feet from the edge of the porch.

Recall that when two quantities are proportionally related, the ratio of each y value to its corresponding x value is constant.

A Community Garden Context Gavin is buying tomato plants to plant in his local community garden. Algebraically this is written as x, y 2 x,2 y. The rate of change is 2 dollars for every bag of popcorn sold.

2.1a homework proportional relationships

Does this represent a proportional relationship? Using the same coordinate plane, draw a line that represents Charlie s earnings if x represents the number of hours worked and y represents the amount of money earned. Slope is the way that you describe the rate of change on the graph.

2.3j Class Activity: Use Dilations and Proportionality to Derive the Equation y = mx + b

rlationships The cat was 12 feet away from the milk reltionships ran toward it reaching it after 4 seconds. I can make a graph that show s Jeff s savings but I don t know how it relates to the other graph. The unit rate for grace is 60 mph. Then grade the quiz together as a class. Partial Understanding 2 I can find the unit rate for only one relationship. Be sure to label which line belongs to which person.


Write an equation that relates the number of strawberries x to the number of bananas y for Besty s smoothie. The rate of change is ft per mile. Substantial Mastery 4 I can fluently relationshjps between the different representations of a linear relationship and make connections between them. Find and describe the unit rate for Besty s smoothie.

Identify proportional relationships (practice) | Khan Academy

Is this a proportional relationship? In addition, they begin to make conjectures about how slope can be found from any two points on the line.

2.1a homework proportional relationships

The patterns in the problems below exhibit linear relationships. How do you compare the cost per hour by looking at the equations? Measuring the Slope of Stairs and Ramps 1.