From influence to control by using background music- musical studies on the influences of music on test subjects 5. Background music in the car. How does background music have an effect on human beings? Filmwissenschaft Von der Music Hall zur Filmfarce. Sign in to write a comment. The cities are full of posters, flyers, and other advertising tools. Classical music on public places 5.

However, there are some activating aspects as well as calming parameters in music that have an influence on the human. The model describes three phases that all lead to the final behavioral control. On the other side I will look at the physical effects music has on the human mind. The physical impacts are often muscular tension and relaxation. A definition of background music 2.

The goal of publicity is to influence the customer to buy a certain ware with communication that acts through the unconsciousness of the customer.

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What are the biological mechanisms in every human being when music is consumed? The change of heart beat, different skin tensions, goose pimples, by magnetic resonance imaging while hearing music see studies below. How publicity works compared to background music Publicity acts similar to background music.

In that way it is hoped that the consumer will sooner or later decide to buy that product Scheier, ghesis. Gembris summarizes the relaxing impact of that theory.

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The climate changes into a buying and selling atmosphere until we leave the store. We receive spam in our e-mail accounts, the public busses which are colourfully painted, advertise for a travel agency or other companies, etc.


How can music influence our emotions? Low sound intensity, slow tempi, soft accentuations, small thess in the melody and simple harmonies are musical characteristics of calm sounding bacuelor. When phase 3 has been reached, behavioral control through music has taken place. It is also interesting to know how background bacyelor has an impact on the physical body.

The student has to study, by means of a literature review if desired supplemented by empirical researcha subject within the field of the major and prove to have sufficient knowledge to critically analyze and summarize the given subject.

Conduct a literature study, write a report, present the results orally and defend it orally during the examination. A proof for the latter is that music is accepted as an important tool of marketing strategies in society.

This article tries to find out in what ways and whether it is at all possible to manipulate the human being by utilizing music and how we can overcome this form of manipulation. The music is supposed to create a familiar atmosphere which leads to a relaxing and secure feeling. Zur Rolle der Rap-Music One of their advertising slogans is as follows:. At first the functions and mechanisms of bacheelor music are elaborated, before the effects on the human being are discussed.


bachelor thesis bgm

As long as we are located in a sunny place we feel warmth. Introduction Since centuries music is accepted in most countries as an essential form of communication. On the other side I will look at the physical effects music bacehlor on the human mind.

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This impulse can change into a dance, increased communication, mass events, or other common actions Hesse, p. Begleitbrief Abstract The article deals with the different kinds of manipulation of background music on the human being.

bachelor thesis bgm

Sign in to write a comment. Film music intends to create suspense, fear, hope, freedom, etc. Illustrations, figures, tables Physical impacts of music and how we can overcome of being influenced 8. How to overcome being influenced 9. Manipulation through background music Bachelor Thesis, 32 Pages, Grade: When Bavarian military music was played, the decisions which wine to buy changed from French to German Lucas, in Raab, p.

Background music and its socio-emotional effects in society 5. The audience starts to adopt the feelings the actors perceive through the musical atmosphere in the movie.

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