Fibre Reinforced Concrete vezelversterkt beton; verg. It can be said that it depends on the fictional context, or as we will refer to it, the Canon. Wednesday, April 12, The Grant Team organises an information meeting on European consortium grants, ie. A system is proposed which speeds up some computations by taking advantage of current large, fast memory in order to efficiently store and recall relevant computational histories. Paper submission strict deadline:

But when it comes, what will humanity do with it? A visit to Highlights conference should offer a wide picture of the latest research in the field and a chance to meet everybody in the community, not just those who happen to publish in one particular proceedings volume. This workshop is an attempt to bring together active researchers of these seemingly separate approaches to address problems of both theoretical and practical nature. Since its birth, logic has been concerned with the study of correct reasonings or, more specifically, of proofs. Authors are invited to submit papers presenting original and unpublished research in all areas related to the use of logics in Artificial Intelligence. Energy Management Software verg. Linear logic was introduced 30 years ago and has rapidly become a pivot point between mathematical logic and computer science.

SOPhiA is a public confererence organised by the University of Salzburg’s Department of Philosophy Humanitieswhere philosophy students pre-doc can give presentations and discuss problems of all areas of philosophy. Diensten van Algemeen Economisch Belang, diensten die zonder overheidssteun hun maatschappelijke doel niet kunnen verrichten, bijvoorbeeld een woningcorporatie.


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The name of the new conference comes from an unpublished but important book by Gerard Huet that strongly influenced many researchers in the area. BruibaarheidGrensToestand zie eventueel bij grenstoestand.

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On Saturday 26 November we will celebrate the fact that the ILLC was founded 25 years ago by organising a symposium and evening programme. Belgian Building Research Institute. Despite the differences between these various kinds of actions, we will see that if can all be covered under the same logical umbrella.

This is an important question for nonprofits to consider.

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This workshop will focus on various logical aspects of branching time structures as a means to represent real possibilities. FATigue; Eurocode breuk in de constructie, bezwijken door vermoeiing zie bij grenstoestand. In order to facilitate further cross-fertilization, Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics invites contributions to a special issue on Logic and Argumentation. Regardless of whether you have sent in an abstract, papers are due 15 July It results in inclusion of some areas of cognitive science, psychology and computer science into its hard core.

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Ergst Denkbare Overstroming puur theoretisch: The following speakers wrl confirmed participation: Gemiddeld Hoog Hoog Water Spring. The invited speakers are: This is a hypothesis and theory paper on the neural basis of rhythm perception.


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Submission deadline for curricullum Authors are invited to submit either original full or hoofdleyters papers, or papers that appear on conference proceedings. For more information, see here or http: Onderwijs en onderzoek is niet bepaald een populaire geef categorie. The present event aims to gather mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophers in order to foster interaction in research on linear logic. Submission deadline is 1 March Eerder vroeg ik via Twitter en LinkedIn waar mensen aan denken bij het woord filantropie.

niey Submission deadline is 13 March On 25 April there will be an afternoon of celebratory speeches by colleagues starting at JELIA strives to foster links and facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas curriulum researchers from various disciplines, among researchers from academia and industry, and between theoreticians and practitioners.

But when it comes, what will humanity do with it? Aangrenzende Verwarmde Ruimte verg. KNAW is organising a symposium on the AlphaGo computer that beat the strongest human Go-player by earlier this year. The objective is to represent the wide spectrum of applications of ABM and encourage exchange between various approaches. On Wednesday 2 November at