The first difference from last year is the better regulation target, which was target 7 last year. I am going to move you on to goal 3, target 4. Hopefully, we will get some answers then. That deals with the Northern Ireland food animal information system, which will replace the animal and public health information system APHIS. Given the funding difficulties, I think that the task is ensuring that, when you lose an agrienvironment agreement, you bring in a replacement to maintain the hectarage level.

I am not sure, Joe, how other Departments deal with financial corrections. News and Media Centre. Why is it taking so long? We did provide graziers with information. It is not a criticism, but it does get overlooked. I seriously doubt that.

Out-turn Report on the Business Plan Targets: DARD

The report will be discussed at a future Executive meeting and, hopefully, we will have a response soon afterwards. It will be over a year period and will cut across a number of budget exercises.

dard business plan 2013-14

Dragging your heels is costing the industry an enormous amount of money. I have to come back to the Committee to report on the progress against the savings delivery plans. I refer you to the section on DARD resources, which is on page 19 of the business plan.

dard business plan 2013-14

We will come back to you on that point. Will we hear from the board when it is before us on 10 December? Those are included in annexes A to D.

We try to make the money count in the best possible way by, maybe, adding to other Departments’ moneys or whatever. In the interests of time, I do not propose to go into detail on the individual challenges, but I am happy to address any questions or queries that you may have. It was really challenging to make sure that we were able to deliver payments and put a new control in place. However, I think that we need to look at dagd.


Can it be broken down into various segments such as compensation and testing? How do you feel the action of referring staff to the Occupational Health Service has impacted on your working days lost? We have tried to give the community groups a bit of training about how they should get the message out.

The additional amount of auditing that has gone in has identified that. Was Exercise Blacksheep, which was completed on 9 December, solely a planned exercise, or was there anything else behind that?

The other red targets in the business plan relate to the publication of the rural White Paper action plan and commencing the procurement of a new Northern Ireland food animal information system NIFAIS. You are talking about employment now. DARD is not at the top of the sickness league table. I accept that there is frustration out there, but we have done everything that we possibly can to move the programme forward.

That is not included in your targets.

Business Plan Progress Report: DARD Briefing

Should the Department seek a dad and a level of achievement that is greater than that which the EU sets? In the brief, you state that:. It is not getting out to the areas that it should be getting out to.


PDF version of this report Thank you very much for your presentation. In appendix 2, in your packs, you will see more detailed financial information, which I would like to draw to the Committee’s attention. I will go straight into questions. So the plah that has been going on is about engaging with the individual sectors but also designing what will work within that and how the Department can deliver that.

Official Report (Hansard)

Again, that is where the community groups are supposed to be feeding this information back, and you made that point yourself —. When they leave school at 18 or 19, there is nothing for them; absolutely businses. I am afraid that it is not in my direct area. However, because that specific target is an internal process target, it is in the scorecard and is monitored at board level.

They tend not to put the results out; they do not blow their own trumpet.