It is the fault of our education and upbringing. It is quiet natural that it dominates the cultural scenario of the civilized world. No respect of the elder. The blind aping of western culture has brought about all round erosion of values. The wisest approach should be adopted. Log in to add a comment.

No matter how much the parents try to ward them off the bad track, the peer pressure is so much that they succumb to it and follow the herd mentality. Answer quality is ensured by our experts. The westernization process of majority of our youth has already started. It is quiet natural that it dominates the cultural scenario of the civilized world. Tragedy is that they are following only negative aspects of western culture which are thrilling and satiate our senses but starve our soul: Yes I think the Indian culture is influenced by the western culture.

The generation Y seems to The young brigade lives for itself. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn. Husbands or wives are changed as we change clothes.

Essay on ‘aping of western culture by Indian youth.’

Poverty,corruption, frequent communal riots and religious fanatiscim have created indifference towards their own culture. Even in history, we come across various incidents where the youth took. Parents can play a pivotal role in grooming their child. We have been completely westernized, though we claim we have not been! It is the age of globalization. Comments are automatically posted live; however, indianexpress.


Get help with your writing. SC seeks reply from UP govt on plea demanding probe into encounter killings. India touched the zenith of culture and civilization.

Our youngsters ignore the past, care a fig for the future and live only in the present. Adopting western culture is bad adopt culture but don t forget your own culture. Sex is its religion.

Preference for western culturw of life is visible everywhere. Natsume Soseki, was the pen name of Natsume Kinnosuke, one of the foremost Japanese novelists and composers. In all departments of life we feel the onslaught of western culture. The modern industrial culture.

Aping Of Western Culture By Indian Youth Essay Writing

Their fascination for the materialistic culture is quite obvious. This way they are distancing themselves from Indian culture and Sanatan values.

Today the western culture has its Aping of western culture by the young. However, our culture is based on values of abstinence, self-discipline, iindian self-control. They do not represent the views or opinions of The Indian Express Group or its staff.


essay on aping of western culture by indian youth

Credit war between Cong, BSP leads to high drama. We need to take very careful precautions to preserve our culture in the midst of this onslaught of foreign entertainment and information on the impressionable minds of our children.

Voting our right, returned Rs bribe. I want a free cultufe. Why Western Culture Is Coming Western cultures are fast adopted by ezsay young generation because They are blindly aping the western culture where elders.

Marriage has become a commodity.

The generation Y seems. Our-youngsters are completely in its grip.

essay on aping of western culture by indian youth

Last yluth around Since Western culture is quite open and advanced, there is no restriction on pornographic and obscene channels. Children say openly to their parents that they are the result of their entertainment.

They seemed to have lost sanctity for all relationships and are leading a self-conceited life.