Most Meiteis are Hindu, comprising both the twice-born Hindu castes and Scheduled Caste, though there are recent attempts to re-emphasise their traditional Sanamahi religion. Signs of growing strife were already evident in the state. Please Email the Editor. Retrieved 30 July Retrieved from ” https:

On August 18, clashes had broken out between Meitei and Kuki people at Moreh, a trading town on the India-Myanmar border, disrupting a rally in support of the implementation of the Inner Line Permit system in Manipur. So what exactly is the Inner Line Permit, and why is the issue so sensitive? Nehginpao Kipgen August 27, Or, will the Indian government hold a political dialogue and sign peace accord with the Kuki groups? This is an offshoot of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations, , [1] which protected Crown’s interest in the tea, oil and elephant trade by prohibiting “British subjects” from entering into these “Protected Areas” to prevent them from establishing any commercial venture that could rival the Crown’s agents. The problem of illegal migrants Bangladeshi, Nepali, Burmese can be tackled easily by increasing the border security.

All you need to know about the Inner Line Permit issue in Manipur

But it is still used in independent India to protect tribal cultures of the North East. The law dictates that it must be consulted in all legislative matters affecting the Hill Areas of the state.

essay on ilp in manipur

When the Justice Jeevan Reddy Committee submitted its report on the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, it noted that though most people want the law to go, many tribal people in Manipur were equally insistent on the need for the army to stay.

Local youth has to compete with outsiders for state Government jobs, college admissions. The word “British subjects” was replaced by Citizen of India in Millions of Indians are spending their youth trying to get government jobs Delhi: This ILP provision was made to give special protection to the indigenous people.


It is obligatory for Indian citizens from outside certain states, to obtain such a permit. Though the details of this agreement are yet to be disclosed, there is serious concern that Naga-dominated areas within Manipur will be integrated with Nagaland.

In fact, there has been a political integration movement amongst the Zomi-Kuki-Chin tribes, parallel to the Naga integration movement, with the goal of uniting all these cognate groups under one political authority.

Can you suggest a few possible measures that can be a possible win-win situation to both immigrants and locals? Then, there was the issue of planting of landmines by Meitei militants in the tribal areas, leading to more than 60 civilian casualties from to Nehginpao Kipgen is a U. Like, when Meitei militants attacked security forces in the tribal areas whose collateral damages were borne by the people living nearby.

From towhen I was a journalist reporting out of Lamka, I saw this bitterness express itself frequently. Get notified whenever I post new article!

essay on ilp in manipur

So what exactly is the Inner Line Permit, and why is the issue so sensitive? They are in consonance with the raging demand for Inner Line Permits to regulate the entry of non-domicile citizens into the region.

They are opposing even the long-running demand for upgrading the existing Autonomous District Councils to the status of Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, a demand which the Manipur Cabinet itself had agreed to and recommended at least twice in the past.

Impossible to implement, this will be a sure-fire recipe for social strife. Multiplying grievances At the moment, with various forms of agitations overwhelming the Manipur plain areas, it is not surprising that the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System has been able to dictate terms to the state government and browbeat the chief minister into accepting them.

The Meitei demand for Scheduled Tribe status itself is incongruous.


The fractious demand for ILP in Manipur

Moreover, outsiders are often ready to work for lower wages. They already have enough complaints about attempts to encroach on their land. No breakthrough in Manipur talks.

Migration is an issue for all regions in the country. Inter-caste marriages are not possible as residences of outsiders are not permitted.

Both sides talk past each other. Under such a political arrangement, the Kukis and Nagas would enjoy autonomy in their respective areas but remain within the State of Manipur. One possible amicable solution for the government is to implement maipur Sixth Schedule in the hill areas.

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The system is in force in the neighbouring States of Nagaland and Mizoram and also in Arunachal Pradesh. Furthermore, most political parties in Manipur and outside, support the implementation of ILP.

Nehginpao Kipgen August 27, The idea seem to be to convert Manipur into a tribal state like Nagaland or Mizoram by forcing the government to admit the Manipru into Scheduled Tribe category and then maniupr the entire state under a uniform ILP regime.

For the proposed legislation to become law, and if the Hill Areas are to be within its ambit, it will require the consent of the Hill Area Committee, which is unlikely to happen.

essay on ilp in manipur

Comment with respect to the recent immigration issues of the country. The hill tribals are sub-divided into more than 30 ST groups, based on dialect, clan relationships, mythical origin, etc.