As the reader observes the narrator’s mental breakdown, the sentences in the story become shorter and more disconnected. We can take this idea one step further and say that the students’ interpretations of the story represent their voices. Mitchell’s advice, left her husband and moved to Pasadena, California. When Gilman’s narrator give in to her madness, her obsession over the wallpaper becomes the only part of her life that she can control. This lesson should be expanded to include proofreading and editing workshops in class. Gilman developed neurasthenia, an emotional disorder characterized by depression and fatigue. It can mean the author’s tone, a poem’s speaker or the point of view from which a novel is told.

The story examines one woman’s descent into madness due to inactivity. She was treated by a famous Philadelphia nerve specialist, Dr. While the narrator has lost much of her independence and self-determination, the determination that does remain for her is in her desire to tear down the wallpaper and set the mysterious woman free. She wrote her most famous work, Women and Economics, in Wordsworth Editions Limited, Inc. In , Charlotte married Walker Stetson, an artist.

Gilman, Why I Wrote The Yellow Wallpaper

This assignment can be presented orally or written. Wallpape first, the protagonist simply dislikes the colour, the pattern and the general look of it. The details are presented in a logical sequence.

This ideology, called the Cult of True Womanhood, legitimized the victimization of women. Realism is defined as, “. Students might be asked to interview a teacher, family friend, parent or extended family member to complete this assignment. I verily believe she thinks it is the writing which made me sick!


In addition to the cancer, she cited her inability to continue to serve humanity as a factor in choosing death: In the final ten to twenty minutes of class, groups should present their findings orally for the class.

Gothic and the Female Voice: Examining Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”

One analysis of such failure is that the rest cure simply locked Gilman, her narrator, and all “sick” women into a extremely submissive, helpless role. Further complicating the analysis of Gilman’s story as a gothic tale is Moers’ discussion of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Moers refers to Gilman’s story only sparingly. Now the story of the story is this: She tried to submit to the traditional roles of a nineteenth century wife.

Yes, of course, that’s it. InGilman was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer. Women attempted to reject the traditional model of behaviour their fathers and husbands imposed on them. Anglistik – Literatur Hte and Confinement in Charlotte Oxford University Press, Literary Women examines the lives and work of women writers.

gilmans essay why i wrote the yellow wallpaper

Radcliffe’s novel’s central figure is a young woman who was a persecuted victim and courageous heroine. Scudder would have also rejected one of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories for the same reason.

She describes her first impressions of the wallpapper, of her husband’s efforts and her reactions to the medical treatment. The story portrays the emergence of an entirely New Woman who frees herself from the enslavement produced by male power.


Have students share stories aloud or create illustrations or video clips for their story. She triumphs over her husband and male-dominated society. Gilmxns is it I who am mad? The task assessment provided in attachment three can be modified to fit this assignment.

The Portrait of a New Woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Allot one 45 minute class or half of a 90 minute class period. But I brought her around so far that she was comparatively cheerful before sleeping. It is also unclear, gimlans, whether or not the narrator believed she was actually sick at all.

It is also a realistic representation of human beings’ desire to overcome feelings of uselessness. As the reader observes the narrator’s mental breakdown, the sentences in the story become shorter and more disconnected.

gilmans essay why i wrote the yellow wallpaper

Some sections can also be provided as additional reading handouts for students, especially those on history, Gilman’s life and gothic genre. On the one hand, she describes a rich sphere of emotions, delicate feelings and intuition characteristic of womanhood.