Periodical ones were long and difficult. Or starting from little kids, you are fired up as you make the pledge and take the meanings seriously. What are the guidelines for graduates of science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, music and other degree courses with shortages of qualified licensed teacher applicants? Begin biggest revolution in education. July 30, —June 30,

Luistro called for the resignation of then- President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the height of the Hello Garci scandal in The college GE Curriculum will be revised. July 8, at 6: Nancy Catamco led the ribbon-cutting cermony marking the opening of an exhibit of traditional arts and crafts displaying various indigenous products. August 31, at In her message, Cong.

Luistro also asked who among the graduates were willing to live in the Bangsamoro region even before the basic law was passed to get to know the people, their dreams and aspirations in order to find solutions for lasting peace and progress.

graduation speech of bro. armin luistro 2014

This will cause an infinite loop. I hope we will be successful luistdo Hague, the world to declare China a rogue nation so she will leave us alone in the mile EZ without war. Kids are amazingly resilient, I think. July 7, at 5: A pointless commentary, with or without a real name, is pointless.

Or else the educational institution is passing on rules and students shrug them off, just like they do endless repetitions as a substitute for knowledge. Well, either they are very slow about it, or they think I am not susceptible to little big enticements. We are examining some of the ideas that the Secretary has put forward and, to the extent that these ideas indicate his inclinations, his life philosophy.


Thanks for the shading on the speech, neo. I say half-formed because I have not researched laws that are in place now. And the second part is of the need to find solutions to the three of the greatest problems facing mankind.

Luistro shows tougher side in UP speech

By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. On the Oblation run, I agree with the Ed. To me, the Patriotic Oath is an oath of obedience and sacrifice. He was merely decrying the fact that a lot of young talents are wasted because of misguided movements that seek not to contribute but to destroy. Teresita Deles June 30, —June 30, This is very very very terribly incredible.

graduation speech of bro. armin luistro 2014

They are attributes of a young person who thinks and acts critically and is willing to test the rigidity of his elders. Nothing is going to change until the quality of the textbooks is greatly improved along with the training of the teachers.

How can Makati afford to maintain sister city networks and gradaution cannot completely improve the poor people of his own city?

But you see some people get too emotional with their jobs and they feel slighted with criticism. What subjects will added and removed?


Yes, which goes to suggest the breakdown is really outside the educational institution.

“Dear Sec Luistro: We have a disconnect here” | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

Is that criticism, to him, pointless? We also thank the development organizations, civic groups, and other individuals who were unwavering in their support of our agenda to raise the standard of education in our country.

Even if you give me questions, the answer is still the same, only the figures grqduation be different.

graduation speech of bro. armin luistro 2014

July 8, at 3: One may have money in the bank, but what if the banks are running out graduatino money? You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Congress next year May 23, We are all aware of the shortcomings of the ten-year basic education cycle that we grew up with.

To help guide high school luistro in choosing their speeches, ot advocacy activities will be conducted regularly. Armin is, indeed, heaven sent—especially when December 31 comes around. In he entered into a program in Ateneo de Manila Universityand was awarded a Certificate in Formation Institute for Religious Educators in