Because GRE score percentiles describe such a broad range of students with completely different qualifications and interests, different programs have different GRE expectations for applicants in terms of score percentiles. To improve your GRE score, you need to not only work hard but also work smart and by increasing your scores, you will be able to stand amongst the top 10 percentiles or even less. Our medical school search allows you to refine your search with filters for location, tuition, concentrations and more. The average GRE scores are mentioned in the table given below-. Wondering more about the unusual GRE score range? But we believe PrepScholar is the best GRE prep program available right now , especially if you find it hard to organize your study schedule and don’t know what to study.

The percentile ranks are based on scores of previous test takers within a three-year period. Re-send verification code to your inbox. Hence, the knowledge of where you rank in relationship to other applicants through this tool is key. Think about it this way—an admissions committee gets so many applications each year, they have to organize them somehow. Obviously, this means there is more of a squeeze at the top and you really have to score well to get a great GRE percentile rank. Below you will see percentiles per discipline, which should give you an idea of where you rank. What They Mean for You time to read:

The essays are scored a little differently than the Verbal and Quantitative sections.

gre essay score percentiles

Also, if you focus your attention towards the centre of the table — the average GRE scores — you will see that even a difference of a few points leads to a massive difference in GRE percentiles. We give you minute by minute guide. Knowledge is power, right? The more competitive your program, grre higher GRE percentile score percenriles need.


GRE score percentiles are nothing but a number which measures your performance with other test takers. The scores are valid for a period of upto five years from the date of testing. Finally, we want to conclude with important information that should encourage you as you proceed with your course of study. There are no shortcuts for success.

Thank you for the information on how the GRE percentile is used. In the analytical writing section of the computerised test, each of the two essays is grs by an experienced reader and receives a score on a six point scale.

What is a Good GRE Score?

Discipline-specific percentiles are a good way to get an idea of esaay your scores compare to other applicants in your discipline, and not just all applicants overall.

MBA or MS or job after graduation? That being said, these percentile scores vary according to the program. GRE score percentiles help you understand where you stand among your peers in the admission process.

gre essay score percentiles

The scale confuses many test takers and percentiles seem a more logical way to understand test performance. These GRE score percentile ranks are used to compare the relative performance of examinees. Of course, such a massive variance is seen only in the middle of the GRE score table.

By contrast, an 85th percentile school could be a very strong score for a less selective program. Obviously, this means there is more of a squeeze at the top and you really have to score well to get a great GRE percentile rank.

It has cleared many questions I had. For instance, if you score a in verbal, your GRE percentile score would be only Is your GRE score good enough to get you into the grad school of your choice? Enter a strong password. All of the following material is published by the creators and administrators of the GRE, so keep in mind this isn’t “top secret” information that cannot be shared with the general public.


The different needs and expectations for GRE score percentiles for different disciplines are actually highly evident in discipline-specific student performance data from ETS—read on to see what I mean.

GRE Scores Vs. GRE Percentiles

That’s only natural—and frankly, worrying about rankings in terms of percentiles is certainly not the best use of your time or energy. If you’ve had the opportunity to write a sample essay or two and they have been graded, you can find your percentile below. Improving your GRE scores is a real hurdle and is not so easy either. For the Quants section, however, the minimum attainable percentile comes with a score of Confused by how to improve your score?

The verbal reasoning score. GRE is a widely accepted and sought after examination, and the score that you get will determine your Graduate school or Business School for the next two years. A 90th percentile score will boost your chances of getting through in your dream graduate or business school when compared to a 50th percentile score or even a 70th percentile score for that matter. The GRE general test Graduate Record Examinations is a worldwide examination conducted by a company called Education Testing Service ETS and has a percentile pertaining to a particular score that tells where you stand in the competition.

Notice that the percentiles are slightly lower for Quant, which should make you take heart!