Departments may nominate one student for this award. Conard, Choice, July A team of faculty readers will be assigned to review applications that have been forwarded from departments. Organizer for marquee event for Themester Please visit here for additional award opportunities not administered by The College Graduate Office. Examining Luxury in Western Europe. University of Edinburgh Press,

Walk-in hours unavailable during summer. Scale and Individuation 5. Edwards Fellowships, in accordance with the bequest, will be awarded on the following basis: For consideration, please apply during the following timelines: Reason and Revolution winter , , Undead Violence and War Without End. After the Berlin Wall:

Handedness-related asymmetries in modern human brains: Modern Language Notes Anthropology and Cognitive Science — Dual Ph. Directors of Felolwship Studies or Department Secretaries will then need to upload the three ranked nominations to the College Award SharePoint site; the link to the site will be forwarded to Graduate Secretaries along with additional instructions by September 30, Reflections on Zombies and Limbo.

iu coas dissertation fellowship

Handedness measures for the Human Connectome Project: Moderator for film screening of Latest from the Da-Da-Er. Morality, Law and Military Sovereignty.

iu coas dissertation fellowship

College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowships College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Research Fellowships are intended to assist advanced graduate students dissertaton the College to make significant progress on their dissertations. Measure and Disproportion felolwship German G Students must be eligible for G during the fellowship year. The fellowships do not include fee remissions, and students generally are not permitted to accept other appointments, fellowships, or outside employment during the fellowship year.


Masterpieces of German Literature German On the Aesthetics of Violence in the Twentieth Century.

iu coas dissertation fellowship

Cognitive Archaeology and the Evolution of the Human Mind, eds. Natalia Skradol and Evgeny Dobrenko.

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Conduct a standard lithic analysis and XRF sourcing of obsidian archaeological materials from the Department of Chinandega, Nicaragua. Review of Ehrhard Bahr, Weimar on the Pacific: GSA, San Diego, Have You Erred and Suffered Enough? Disparities in Learning and Labor Outcomes.

REEI provides grants to help graduate students who specialize in the Russian East European region present their research at major association meetings and conferences. Students must be formally admitted to Ph.

Interested students should complete the Travel Award Application found at http: The University Graduate School will select three nominees among those put forth by the various schools of Indiana University to advance to the national competition.

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Walk-in hours unavailable during summer. Students applying for either of these awards will be required to submit two letters of recommendation.


Holly Hamilton, MA Skip to main content. Complete department nominations should be submitted to the College Graduate Office by Friday, December 18, Proudly powered by WordPress. Conard, Choice, July Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.

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Genocide or the Holocaust? Each department is allowed to nominate up to three students total for the Dissertation Year and Dissertation Completion Fellowships three nominations across the two fellowships.

The College Arts and Humanities Institute announces a competition two times per year for graduate students to support costs related to travel to professional conferences at which the student is presenting a paper.