Secondly, refuse to take any questions apart from ones concerning your handwriting for the first 5 minutes. Some may disagree but I find this visually powerful for the kids. One method I have used in the past particularly with lower ability learners or year 7s is the look, cover, write, check sheet. James stated that there had been mixed feedback although generally good at year 7, but that year 8 more negative. Higher point scores generally indicate better work….

She has responded really well. Before I introduced ,weil we looked at what they knew of clauses in English and introduced the idea of a main clause and a sub clause. They care about the next piece. This site uses cookies. If you are going to produce a sheet like these then make it a good one. Look, cover, say, write, check can be very effective.

Another idea would be to ask students for an ASL calcuation.

James concluded that overall the quality of work on a weekly basis is higher and there has been whole department buy-in. Rather than writing the comments then they can be on a sheet. As MFL teachers, we know the value of vocabulary learning but how can you ensure that they have actually learnt it. Suddenly we have a situation where the feedback informs the next piece of work. The issues we face are the Common Assessment tasks that already form part of our Schemes of Work which would be non-negotiable homeworks as well as the fact that there is a varying level of access to tablets and PCs at home.


They are then set homework to learn these phrases and tested on them in the subsequent lesson.

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Exam boards also have past papers on their websites, that would easily allow multiple skills. The presentation of their work is stunning too particularly given a very tough catchment area.

A couple of colleagues in another department have recently experimented setting the same vocabulary for weeks with lower ability classes. My Head of Department posed a difficult question last week: However he added that there is a danger that they choose something they haven’t done in class and therefore they struggle with the target language or they just don’t put the takeaday in.

What is the purpose of the homework we set?

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More complex structures um…zu ohne. This came originally from a colleague in Bristol and a colleague currently on maternity leave. One of the best bits of the blog mentioned above is this: Look, cover, say, write, check can be very effective.

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Flashcards and mindmaps equally so. Students are naturally curious and like to learn about the country. Essentially, homes with the greatest cultural capital, typically more affluent and middle class, will just fill the gap with their own family-education as they always have. I do a form of Takeaway Homework with A level already but this session homewor made me think seriously about how to introduce it at KS3.

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Have you considered banning certain words from their paragraphs? For year 7 Spanish it might look as follows:. We know from research by people such as John Hattie that feedback can be incredibly important. By testing it, you will give it value. They need to mgl the amount of words by the amount of sentences. Firstly, make it really clear what you want students to do with the time and how you want them to do it. Mary Myatt has some points to make on this here.


The second video shows that over time with a diet of quality instruction and effective feedback people generally improve at whatever they are doing.

Languagesonline is also excellent. There are some brilliant worksheets out there on websites such as TES and the excellent Frenchteacher.

mfl takeaway homework

She then gets on with exercises that challenge, extend, consolidate and deepen her learning. There has been a lot of animosity in schools towards textbooks, however they often have some very good exercises and I have seen multiple powerpoints on the TES resources ,which replicate the book word for word. Look through their homewoork, find a piece of work, single out the positives and finish with a comment about how much you valued the effort and thought that went into it. It was not triple impact marking or deep marking or excessive dialogue.

So, take away homework and what do we have?