Every semi-finalist received an email by the end of April this year. The application opened this week- thank you! The first short essay, which is limited to words calls for three reasons why you want to participate in NSLI-Y. Take a deep breath! I have been meaning to write a post on this for a while, but I never really got around to it. Girls… dress business casual.

Just do your thing. It is also important that the letter is written formally. Khakis and a collared shirt? Wow, thanks for the application tips! In my case, the first reason that I mentioned was my overall passion for language and linguistics.

It shows that you plan to take this trip seriously: It is totally alright if your application is very different from esswy. I actually wrote a blog post about tips for the interview as well as a run-down of my own experience; you can check it out here: I am sure new people will avail the information. There are nsoi-y travelers, avid writers, and generally brilliant people. So use the letter wisely. Make sure to describe, if applicable, your ability to adapt and be flexible.

nsli-y essay tips

School started at 9 AM and ended at You could choose from three essay topics, and they were basically questions that looked a lot like a common app essay ex: Khakis and a collared shirt? Is it possible that i can email you some of my essays so you can critique them? After submitting your tios and teacher recommendation, semifinalist notifications are sent out.


NSLI-Y Application Tips

First off, kuddos to you for deciding to apply. But there is likely an overlap between tpis reasons you want to be a part of the program and the reasons every other applicant has.

Do you need help? I am very nali-y in studying in Korea as well as China, but i still have a few more questions on my essays and some stuff that i can tweak.

nsli-y essay tips

Teacher Recommendation All I can say about the teacher recommendation is that you should make sure that the teacher you pick knows you well. Take a look at 4. Even submitting it two days before is better.

nsli-y essay tips

Her first preference is Arabic and second is Arabic. After basically breaking the refresh button on your email, you hit it one last time and there it is. You now get to partake in an interview. After working with her and revising my essays to convey the same points in a different manner, she surprised me by referring me to her old friend, who happened to be an expert in college and academic program admissions.

Statistically, I believe that NSLI-Y picks half of the people who make it to semifinals; however, this number may fluctuate. Just a few more buttons to press! I would love to answer any further questions! Any pointers for the interview?

It is so vital that a participant can behave maturely in stressful situations, since there are many cases in which you have to rely on your own abilities to figure things out. Your interviewer will ask you questions from a list in front of them and proceed to jot down notes on your responses. Email required Address never made public.


nnsli-y It is better to ask someone who can write about you then picking a language teacher because you think that is what NSLI-Y wants. Chinese uses a stroke order, which means if you write a character out of order, you write it wrong.

NSLI-Y Application Tips – Endeavors With Emma

So it is very important that you make sure that the essays show exactly what you want. After reading your tips…I think only by the grace of Jesus I could get inside this program. The objective of the short essays is to showcase your resilience and maturity as a human being, as well as your voice as a writer within essah context of the prompt. I think I talked a bit too fast and too much because they were scribbling notes constantly on the interview forms that they sent to NSLI-Y for review.

The latter is basically an extended personal statement.