Graduate Programs Professional Pathways. Example 3 The first session runs on Wednesday, April 13, from 7: This is computed as follows: If readmission is permitted, the conditions shall be stated by the panel in the Notice of Dismissal. A majority decision with one vote from each member will constitute a valid decision.

Indeed, as is discussed below, the thesis preparation process is best thought of as taking longer than a single semester. The decision of a hearing body, in all circumstances, will be discretionary, shall include what entry shall be made on the record of the student, and may include any one or more of the following sanctions:. Students who plan to miss classes for religious reasons are expected to inform instructors beforehand and to be responsible for assignments given during their absence. A staff member will take the minutes, and the Committee Chair will convene and administer the proceedings in collaboration with the Committee Designee. If you are admitted, you will be required to submit official transcripts within the first 30 days of the diploma start date; otherwise, you can be dismissed from the program. To receive a final grade for a course, students must have complied with the attendance policy in the syllabus and must have satisfactorily completed all examinations and other assignments prescribed by the instructor.

Witnesses will be present in the hearing room when giving testimony and when being questioned, but will be dismissed once testimony is complete, as determined by the panel. Thesis preparation must be under the supervision of full- or part-time faculty, and students are responsible for identifying, and seeking the agreement of, ny own faculty sponsor. What qualifies my academic transcript as “official”?

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines

If a digital copy does not exist, you will be contacted to schedule an thess to view the project. Attendance at the hearing proceedings is not required.


Once recorded, grades cannot be changed unless some omission or error occurred in the grading process or a grade appeal is honored. Each student must complete the full number of credits required by each program. Student was passing the course at the time the Incomplete Contract was signed.

It is their job to require ID’s for all students, faculty, and staff at all times —and each of us should anticipate that request, take no offense, and cooperate courteously. Watch Videos Through the core curriculum; a choice of specialization courses; and a graduate thesisteam-based capstone project, or virtual internship, students Students must submit to the faculty sponsor both electronic and hard copies of their proposal, unless otherwise instructed by the prospective advisor.

Students may not make academic progress at another institution and then transfer those credits back to NYU during the term of suspension.

nyu scps thesis

Students may request an exception to this rule by ecps a letter to the Program Advisor stating which courses they plan to take, and why the exception is requested. Be sure to consult with your advisor on a regular basis. Whenever feasible, examinations and assignment deadlines should not be scheduled on religious holidays.

nyu scps thesis

Students may request to withdraw from any course for which they are registered and automatically receive a “W” by using the class withdrawal process in Albert. The student and faculty sponsor must meet regularly to discuss the progress of the project. Showing Results of 4 for Faculty Members. If the Departmental Designee concludes that no violation has occurred, the matter is closed and no further action will be taken.

Once a student has graduated and a degree has been awarded by New York University, a grade appeal will not be considered. Accordingly, decisions will be made and communicated to the students by their department before the end of the academic term in which they make the request. Within the MSGA degree, the thesis provides students with the prospect of conducting original research and analysis.


Students who transfer from a Graduate Certificate into a Masters have five 5 years to complete the degree from the time they first enrolled in the Graduate Certificate.

Eligibility for University-sponsored or other medical insurance.

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines – MSGA Academic Website

F Below 70 0. Overview Capstone projects are generally either an individual or group effort toward producing a non-traditional product e. Examples theais recent student projects include: The grade point average includes grades in all courses taken toward a particular program, whether or not they fulfill any program requirements.

Reimbursement may take the form of appropriate service to repair or otherwise compensate for damages. Equivalencies carry no credit value toward a degree. Suspension – Exclusion from classes and other privileges or extracurricular activities as set forth in the notice of suspension for a definite period of time.

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures

If projects are not completed by the date specified you may not graduate on time! The respondent has the right, but not the obligation, to testify at the hearing.

In some cases, depending on available time, other members of the audience may be permitted to ask questions, at the discretion of the faculty member in rhesis role of presentation marker. If after taking these steps, you believe a grade appeal is justified, the following levels of appeal are available to you:.

Undergraduate level courses cannot be applied to any graduate degree offered by the NYU School of Professional Studies.