Basit also added that if India was serious about the investigations, it should not avoid allowing independent investigators to probe it. Haryana Salutes Martyred Garud Commando”. The Times of India. Retrieved 7 January Additional bureaucratic layers added to an already top-heavy system will not likely make any difference unless the reality at the local level is addressed. In the hours following the attack, Pakistan’s military established a hotline with the Indian military. Phone number of Pathankot attacker’s ‘ustaad’ in Pakistan”.

Jawans have given ultimate sacrifice in Pathankot , security forces took prompt action, says Arun Jaitley. It also reported that there was specific intelligence input from the Intelligence Bureau two days earlier that an attack was being planned against army formations close to the LOC. Archived from the original on 26 January He advised India to review its stance by further saying, “India should create an environment of trust, as unfounded allegations only hamper the process of dialogue. Pathankot Pampore Uri Nagrota.

Retrieved 28 September This strongly reiterates the point made by the KRC that there needs to be an approved template that guides different government agencies to respond to different crises on the basis of a shared national security doctrine and terrorrist strategy.

It included the central ministers of home, defense, external affairs, and finance, with the national security advisor included as a special invitee. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said terror strikes would have been more severe if there were no intelligence reports. Archived from the original on 18 September Shajapur Sukma Amarnath Yatra. Some of the material was from Pakistan.

The task force endorsed remedial steps, such as the setting up of the National Intelligence Agency and the proposal to set up a counterterrorism terdorist with branches in states this is attac yet unimplemented.


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However, despite the delay perseverance began to pay off. Map all coordinates using: The deployment of security personnel such as the NSG or the army appears to have been ad hoc, reactive, and mostly uncoordinated. How is it that in the Iraq hostage crisis, the established drill was allowed to work without interference but in the case of Mumbai and Pathankot it was not? In another instance at the Mumbai airporta Turkish Airlines plane was ordered to return from the runway to the parking area after an unclaimed mobile phone was found on a seat.

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Archived from the original on 19 September It recommended that each border be assigned to one paramilitary force so that over time each can become familiar with the terrain, its particular challenges, and threats. It has been alleged that some agencies were guilty of leaking sensitive operational information to the media, which was then relayed to the attackers through their handlers.

Pakistan International Airlines cancelled flights to some parts of Kashmir on 21 September in the aftermath of the attack.

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Pak Heads Towards Total Isolation”. Therefore, it is prudent to have institutional mechanisms such as a crisis management group in place to respond promptly and efficiently to crises and remain engaged until tensions recede to more manageable levels. Security agencies ill-prepared, govt response inadequate, says scathing report of Standing Committee”. Fence floodlights that didn’t work, terririst in border patrol, patchy police response”.

Pathankot attack: ‘All terrorists dead’

They were said to have lobbed 17 grenades in three minutes. It was also decided that the press spokesman of the ministry would always be available to answer any queries and the minister of state would make a statement on the attak situation daily, providing regular updates once in the morning and once in the evening.


pathankot terrorist attack essay

Retrieved 24 September This contrasts the open and transparent investigation and evaluation carried out by an independent body of highly respected experts after the Kargil War, chaired by K. They sneaked in with 50 kgs of bullets, under barrel grenades. An additional soldiers were reported to have been injured. This was visible both in the failure to harden the security perimeter around the base and in the ad hoc and uncoordinated response to the attack.

Retrieved terroriist January The initial antiterrorist operations were carried out by the air force itself, but then the National Intelligence Agency was brought in.

Indian Crisis Management across Three Cases Three cases — the Iraq hostage crisis, the Mumbai crisis, and the Pathankot attack — reveal how Indian policymakers have both opted and neglected to use established crisis management institutional architecture and the resulting consequences.

Centre issues alert about terrorists; by now more or less certain their location was Pathankot.

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Furthermore, the report was released as a public document that could be debated openly. The detailed meeting records of the national CMG are an especially valuable tool that the government can use to develop institutional memory to prevent mistakes and ensure key lessons are incorporated into drills and other management mechanisms for future crises. According to the Indian Army, some of the items had Pakistani markings.