If you can no longer attend an elective which you have accepted, you must submit the cancellation form to the visiting student coordinator via email no later than four weeks prior to your start date AND drop the elective on VSAS. Accepted students are expected to secure housing on their own. Your personal statement should not be more than one side of one page. Your new application will be considered in the order in which it is received. A separate B1 visa is not required.

I was a third-year medical student fumbling through my core rotations, slowly getting a grasp on how to be a physician. You are required to obtain entry on your own. It occurred to me that it can be pretty complicated so I thought it would be helpful to write a small guide. Figure out what electives you would like to do, as well as when and where. This varies for each department.

If the offer is withdrawn due to lack of response or payment within the day time frame, you are not allowed to reapply for the same elective at the same stahement. Upon the completion of my third-year rotations, I felt that the role of the internist most closely matched my interests and abilities. You will be required to show your I form and disclose the conditions of your visa at registration. One common way of organizing the personal statement is a three to five paragraph form reminiscent of those essays you had to write in high school.

Those arrangements must be made prior to you accepting a rotation at Northwestern, and the form must be submitted to the Visiting Students Office before you begin your rotation.

Time off should always requested in advance and approval is obtained by your supervisor or department. These qualities include a never-ending quest stateent personal improvement, pride in my work or training, and the ability to focus on several tasks while balancing personal and professional obligations.


personal statement vsas

Please note that the immunization form and required labs are considered part of the application. We will notify you by email regarding the following: All application documents and supporting material should be submitted via VSAS only. I admired my attendings’ breadth of knowledge across various medical disciplines, and I took pleasure in collaborating with physicians of gsas specialties, especially when the diagnosis proved to be difficult.

However, not all institutions use VSAS. Failure to submit this fee will result in the withdrawal of the offer. Select surgical specialties have applications available sooner, so please review the offerings in VSAS. While her death saddened me, it also made me conscious of the potential rewards, such as lasting patient-doctor relationships, which could only come out of providing statemen lifetime of care to each of my patients.


Time to Make A Game Plan: VSAS for Med Students

While this tool is useful, as a neurotic medical student I found it much easier to make my own spreadsheet. Make sure your electives are arranged in a way that will give you the best chance for success. As a fourth-year medical student who recently applied vsws residencies and is anxiously awaiting Match Day, I have some free time on my hands. Look over your CV and think about the experiences before and during medical school that might inform what oersonal of emergency physician you will become.

Impressing: Personal Statement

Please refer to the academic calendar. Remember, you want to show sratement as you go through your fourth year and you are going to need letters of recommendation.

Do not contact course directors, coordinators, or faculty for any reason during the application process. Often choosing one experience and telling the story is a good way to open your statement, to develop your theme, and make it memorable.

Have transitions between paragraphs Use the active voice. Northwestern Medicine Northwestern University. Some prefer to use their own application service — and some are even free! Just in case you have not already heard, the Visiting Student Application Service VSAS is the service that the majority of third-year medical students use to apply to elective rotations for their fourth year. Your immunization form is initially reviewed by the visiting students program coordinator to ensure that the four-page form is filled out correctly and that the required labs are attached.


Time to Make A Game Plan: VSAS for Med Students

With these tips in mind, I ended up getting several statemrnt my own elective rotations. I envisioned myself as compassionate, respected, and knowledgeable, traits which I realized embodied the field of internal medicine. Maybe I did know how to converse with patients, maybe I did actually hear that murmur the attending was talking about.

personal statement vsas

The letter must comment on your clinical abilities and performance. Overarching theme Look over your CV and think about the experiences before and during medical school that might inform what kind of emergency physician you vszs become.

Sample Personal Statement: Office of Student Affairs: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

It is the responsibility of the student to submit a complete application for consideration. In order to apply your school must be a participating institution and your school must confirm that you are a current student.

Contacting any of these parties may result in your ineligibility for current and future rotations. With fewer responsibilities than an intern, I found that as a third-year medical student I was able to spend more time with my patients, explaining how a diagnosis is made and what treatments might be required.