The relevant exam timetable will be published at least 3 weeks before that diet of exams commences. BBC News Magazine [online]. QMUniversity tweeted 16 hour s ago. All students whose first language is not English will normally be permitted to use language-only dictionaries in examinations. An example of an originality report top of page Tutor guides to using turnitin The Centre for Academic Practice provides resources for tutors at QMU regarding use of turnitin. If you don’t show clearly and fully the sources of your readings in your assessed work, you may be plagiarising.

We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website. School Office For school office enquiries. Deliberate plagiarism is where there is actual intent on your part to ‘cheat’. But what does this really mean and how does it affect you as a student at QMU? An “Originality Report” is produced, which highlights instances of matches with any external sources.

Once redirected to the correct page it is available under the sub-heading Assignments. The role of Turnitin within the formative process of academic writing: BBC News Magazine [online].

How to Submit to a dropbox. N ever write an assignment using just one source unless directed to do so.

qmu essay regulations

At QMU we believe it is important that tutors are aware of the existence of ‘cheat sites’ and familiar with the type of material, such as pre-written essays and reports which are available to students. This indicates how serious it is to use others’ ideas and arguments without giving them full credit. Please read our cookie policy to esay out more.


Examinations and Assessment

Examples of typical ‘cheat sites’ are included here: The following are examples of the most common types of plagiarism: Copying someone else’s work and presenting it as your own Copying someone else’s work and changing a few words here and there Submitting the same piece of work for two assignments Unauthorised collaboration with another student Please note: Here are three examples of deliberate plagiarism: Avoid taking notes from sources by copying out large chunks of the text word for word.

To avoid committing accidental plagiarism, you should seek guidance in academic writing and referencing skills to check you are referencing correctly.

Contents 1 What is plagiarism? QMUniversity tweeted 1 day s ago. Students who are undertaking assessments as a first diet due to extenuating circumstances are not liable to pay the reassessment fee. This is more likely essau happen if you are a new student, but could indicate poor academic writing skills at any level of study.

qmu essay regulations

However, in many cases plagiarism may be a result of a regullations of understanding and confidence, rather than deliberate action by the student. Information about examinations, examination timetables, regulations and assessments.

A range of internal and external resources relating to plagiarism prevention and detection are presented here. It is recommended that tutors add a web link to this student guide beside the turnitin submission link in their Hub module area. In other people’s words: QMUniversity tweeted 11 hour s ago.

tutor resources – in your own words – understanding and avoiding plagiarism

T ry to use a range of material to capture and present as wide a range of views as possible about the topic. You will normally use this service prior to submitting your work for marking and can access turnitin via regulatiions Hub module area.


You are also demonstrating that you have studied the appropriate work and can present your own ideas and regu,ations of others in a coherent manner, in your own words. Brookes eJournal of Learning and Teaching.

Paraphrasing Effective note-taking Further steps to success in your studies include: The turnitin service also compares content with a range of electronic resources such as: Some examples of refulations plagiarism might look like regulatlons available on our examples page. The Effective Learning Service provide a range of leaflets and guides aimed at helping you with various stages of your studies and assignment writing.

T ake full reference details of the source from which your notes are taken when reading.

qmu essay regulations

Contents 1 Turnitin 2 Tutor guides to using turnitin 3 The cheat site problem 4 Resources 4. An “Originality Report” qmy produced, which highlights instances of matches with any external sources.

Eligible students are automatically registered for the use of dictionary in examinations.