Strategic management is defined as a set of management decisions and actions that determine a company’s long-term performance and lead and control the organization so that it can quickly respond to some internal and external environmental changes. Focus on family caregivers. Tourism Management Perspectives, 16 , — The importance of strategic planning. The QSPM method allows us to evaluate alternative strategies objectively. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 51 3 , Graphical Abstract Highlights After implementing blue ocean strategy, the production will increase in comparison with other rival agricultural companies.

They are now asking which option is the better one. Thus, at first the mission and vision were investigated and by the analysis of internal and external environment of the organization, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company were evaluated by internal factor evaluation and external factor evaluation matrix. Diversity in competitors’ products 0. Comprehensive model of strategic management Internal evaluation Organizationa l horizon and mission Long-term goals Analysis and selection of strategies Strategy implement ation managem ent issues Strategy impleme ntation Evaluation of performance quality External evaluation Figure 1- Comprehensive framework of strategy formulating Arabi, 6- Mission The production and supply of excellent sanitary ware in Iran and Middle East markets for the consumers of sanitary and ceramic ware consumers, to provide the stable profit for the stockholders via making customers happy, using knowledge-based structure and committed employees and useful interaction with business partners and social responsibility. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats SWOT analysis for farming system businesses management: The presented framework in Figure 1 is a comprehensive model of strategic management process and it is common and acceptable.

It’s obvious different strategic options are identified and would be that if we make any mistakes in this stage would be trapped in evaluated.

WO area which is created by meeting of Weaknesses identify the roper strategy via Quantitative Strategy Planning and Opportunities: According to what was said above, frontier position of company in SWOT matrix declares the key point that different possible positions exist for the company in the future and hence the strategies that head managers of the company choose in such kind of situation could be very important.


EFE 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 T1 Opportunities Low customs tariffs of government to export product The lack of substitute products Having access to high quality raw materials Technology economic spending of low pressure More demands than supply for products Unsaturated market The increase of the culture and health of society Threats The control system of government in stability of Weight 0.

International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development8, 2, Using SWOT matrix, the suitable strategies were formulated for the company.

The Baridsoft Company are evaluated. Does this factor make a difference in our decision about which strategy to pursue?

Strategic Planning of Transportation in Iran Using SWOT and QSPM , Case study : Yazd City

A case study of hamadan glass company. Case study of cse Persian food industry. No product diversity 0. This area contains the aggressive strategies in According to four types of strategies recommended for each which company tries to maximize exploiting of environmental area, first we determine the appropriate strategy of the opportunities by means of its internal strengths.

Formulating strategy by SWOT and QSPM matrix (case study

Based on the selected method of Golsar in srudy strategic plan, the study of environmental factors of organization is done in two headlines of macro environmental factors total industry and factors of specialized environment of business sanitary ware industry. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form.

Among dominant features of today’s environmental threats-opportunities and organizational world we can point to economy globalization, mass strengths-week points. Identify 10 to 20 external factors opportunity and threat.

qspm case study

An analysis of the retail industry. You can ask your questions in our management discussion forum.


The cas in this sqpm has been acquired according to what was explained in data gathering part. In a situation like this, automation system is the most famous product of this survival, protection and promotion of companies position company. Add to collection s Add to saved. Introduction while respecting organization values we embark to strategic There is no doubt that the world of today is much more decision makings through combined a nalysis of different than the past.

Strong customer relationship management CRM 0.

qspm case study

You might need Schengen visa How to find a job? Choosing and Decision making: Choosing and decision making stage: Then, the competitive position of the organization was found via competition evaluation matrix. Of which, about 40 main are indices of BSC strategic goals of Golsar. This process is very much intuitive and subjective. In such matrix brings about the possibility of strategic analysis of the kind of strategies, organization exploits its internal strengths organization considering both studdy and to cope with environmental threats.

qspm case study

Obviously, the agricultural sector and natural resources are one of the most significant economic sectors of the country because of their vital role in providing the required food and nutritional safety. The maintenance management of Pars Jonubi gas complex. Experience, strong and expanded knowledge base 0. Lacking a centralized team for industry, stock and energy. High technology production and exploiting of Oracle database 0. All articles studt protected by copyright and have been archived at a national library.

Arrival of new competitors to the market 0.