A number of channels are allocated for NVoD. Throughout the year, UFONE pursued a growth strategy and managed to almost double its revenue compared to last year. Phil Business Administration Research Experience: Variables return The study takes one independent variable is financial leverage and two dependent variables. A comparative analysis of hotel and manufacturing firms.

Operating Since — VUProjects has been in profit since the beginning. Help and guidance will be provided in every stage from proposal to slide presentation. The statically graphs and techniques are taken from Transport and Communication Industry and Cotton Textiles companies. Envisaging enormous wireless data growth potential in Pakistan, several new players entered the smart phone market, targeting all income groups with high end data features in services marked the year SMS Complaint Service As part of PTCL efforts to provide superior customer care and achieve highest level of customer satisfaction by offering convenient channels of interaction to their customers, PTCL is offering complaint registration through SMS from their cell phones with the following objectives. Impact of Deregulation on Mobile Sector Driven by lowest tariffs, maximum coverage, and relatively better quality the Pakistan mobile market maintained rapid growth during

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Debt to equity ratio indicates that how much portion of capital structure is being financed by debt. The sample comprised 91 companies out of which 80 companies are private and 11 are government owned companies from period to To provide help to victims of devastating floods, a donation of Rs.

It is listed on all the three stock propisal of the country. Throughout the year, UFONE pursued a reseaarch strategy and managed to almost double its revenue compared to last year. This study investigated the relationship between financial leverage and profitability of the firms belongs to cement manufacturing sector of Pakistan.


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It is important to note that the company maintains a largely unleveraged capital structure, with the current trend in debt ratios bought about largely by changes in current liabilities of the company. You can also find testimonials around here to check our success rate. The same appreciation s will be for members from thesis group and for the teacher and members from groupies course.

The times interest earned metric addresses this question. It was hypothesized that there is a significant negative relationship exist between financial leverage and firm profitability. Determinants of capital structure choice and empirics on leverage behavior: PTCL is going to be your first choice in the future as well, just as it has been over the past six decades.

A limited time offer for 1MB subscribers to upgrade to 2MB speed at same rate was successful as many such subscribers continued with 2mB package after the expiry of the promotion. What are the people perception about Ufone and Warid Advertisement?. The initiative will be instrumental in instant restoration of phones disconnected because of nonpayment. Theoretic point of view was also confirmed in the paper. Thus the marketer is the steward of the value proposition, ensuring that the firm is delivering maximum value to its customers.

Further, the FY06 also sawan increase in short term borrowings of the company, complemented by increases in other components of current liabilities. Her study was intended to measure the effect of financial leverage on financial performance of the fuel and energy companies. Hospitality Research Journal, 17, Further, medicines worth Rs.

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Variables 35 2. Study period consisted of years — This is the largest ever expansion project researchh Ufone A strong focus will be on maintaining high quality of service, which is always a benchmark of Ufone, The distribution of PTCL is quiet simple because the aim of the company is to make every activity more easy for their valued customers.


research proposal on ufone

Envisaging enormous wireless data growth potential in Pakistan, several new players entered the smart phone market, targeting all income groups with high end data features in services marked the year The research was conducted to find out the Relationship between financial leverage and financial performance. This department continued its business up to Help Center Find new research papers in: As time propossl and new technology developed communication system has also developed.

There are nine major players competing in mobile financial services and branchless banking, from the telecom and banking sector. The declining income after tax has been the prime reason for the decline in net margin.

Some analysts blamed this on the increase in calling rates after the formation of the International Clearing House ICH. For study purpose this study is going to conduct for getting knowledge how what people think when they see the company ads, what are their perception towards particular company ads. And we would like to acknowledge all our work to our parents and friends who guided to accomplish this never forgetting task.

research proposal on ufone

PTCL, a service industry, is the focus of study with data ranging from year to Uvone section includes the statistical analysis of financial leverage and the financial performance.